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Here at Your Home Extensions Our mission is simple.

To Provide quality, high class home extension construction in your area so that you can receive the best of workmanship from highly trained and experienced builders & engineers.

We have qualified engineers that can help with any job you require, fast and efficient, reasonably priced and experienced professionals able to help you with any extension regardless of the size of the job.

We Offer Home Extensions of all types for your home, and we offer this all over the United Kingdom (including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

What Are Home Extensions?

Home, or house extensions are structural extensions to a given property (in many cases residential property) that add extra rooms and space onto a property enabling the proprietors to have additional rooms or space on an existing property.

More and more people in the UK are looking to build extensions for their homes, & thus there is a need for good quality construction experts & builders to handle this for them.

This is where we come in.

Our role is to refer customers nationwide (all over the UK) to good quality construction experts who can manage the job of completing these extensions for members of the general public that need them.

We Can handle extension builds of any type/size and scale, simply get in touch for a quote and consultation.

What Will My House Extension Cost Me?

Many people out there will be asking themselves questions such as “what will my home extension cost?” “What pricing can I expect for a two storey extension to the rear of my house?”

When it comes to pricing it’s wise to tread carefully.

This is because the pricing of your home extension project will be heavily dependent on the components you want to be included, some people want a home cinema, or just additional bedrooms, some people will want a study with a full fit out and assembly of desks, whilst others will just want the bare build with wallpaper and a carpet, the pricing is largely dictated by the customer with their requirements and how they want their extension to be carried out.

It can also include any bespoke requirements you may have such as furniture, curved walls, if the extension is three storey’s (some people choose to have an indoor swimming pool built).

However if an average figure were to be provided this figure would be something in the region of £30,000-£50,000 however in certain areas this will rise to £40,000-£70,000, these figures are heavily variable and the true cost can only be established once a specialist has assessed your requirements, (the good news is we offer this assessment and consultation free of charge).

Do All Extensions Require Planning Permission?

No. Some extensions to a property are within what is termed “permitted development” this means that there is no additional required planning permission for that specific type of house extension.

Types Of Extension That usually Do NOT Require Planning Permission:

Extensions that alter the existing space of the property for example garage conversions, loft conversions & basement conversions are within Permitted development (don’t require additional planning permission) (however if basement conversions require engineering works it is best to check with the building professionals carrying out the work beforehand).

External extensions that don’t go outside of the existing elevation, it can be no higher than 3m in elevation and has to sit within 2 metres of the boundary of the property.

With Side extensions the width of the extension must not be larger than 1/2 the width of the original building. Side extensions are not permitted on Article 1(5) Land, for example Conservation Areas.

Rear extensions can be no more than 4m in depth for a detached property or 3m in depth semi-detached/terraced house.

Also the build materials should be in uniform with the existing property (similar).

We recommend you consult with our specialist builders for more information on caveats’ and planning issues.

Types Of House Extension

Kitchen – These are expansions and developments to the kitchen of a property, popular among people who wish to maximize the existing space of a property, this is one of the most common house extensions: (Example Below)

Example Of A Kitchen Extension

Kitchen expansions (extensions) are very popular and there is an increasing trend all over the united kingdom, it is a cost efficient way to build out a property where people can:

A) Have The Pleasure Of A Much Larger Kitchen
B) Increase the value of their property in a way that is convenient
C) Recover the cost of investment once a property is sold like with all kinds of house/home extensions.

Two Storey – This phrase addresses extensions that are more than one storey high, These can be built onto the front, side, or rear of a property, enabling the residents of a house to build upward and avoid taking up excessive floor-space when increasing the room contained within a property (Example Below)

Two Storey Extension Example

Two Storey Extensions are popular at the front, rear, side, (shown in example image) of a property, and are very common.

Two storey extensions on occasion require planning permission, we can help offer guidance on this, when you make contact with our specialists feel free to ask us in relation to this as we have a lot of experience in dealing with planning permission.

Extensions with two storeys’ can be both modern or a more classic style, there is a lot of scope for a variety of rooms to be put into 2 storey expansions.

Multi Storey Extensions – A Multi Storey expansion of a property can be to expand multiple rooms on a house or to create new rooms (Example Below):

Example Of A Multi Storey Extension

Multi storey projects are often more complex, taking more time to complete but are worth it once finished, often spectacular builds they are a highly convenient way to add a lot of value onto an existing home.

Again planning permission would be necessary for a house extension of this type, our expert building specialists will help you arrange this should you become our client & come on board with us.

Large Extensions – These can be two-storey, single storey or multi-storey.

Large extensions are as popular as smaller expansions, & our company is able and happy to help with projects of any size and shape.

Common Uses for House Extensions in a typical home:

Home Gym
Expanded Kitchen
Home Office
Additional Bedroom(s)
Additional Room(s)
Swimming Pool
Extra Bathrooms/ En Suite(s)
Expanded Living Room
Expanded Dining Room
Study Room
Games Room
Home Cinema
Storage Room(s)

And Many More.

Bespoke Requests For Your Extension?

If you have customized, bespoke, or luxury items or elements you require for your extension, you can speak with our builders to find out how viable this is and what the timescales & costings would be to have your request carried out.

Some people choose to have very bespoke (or luxury) fixtures and fittings into their property extension, we can accommodate your needs whatever they may be whether it is an upstairs balcony with bespoke railings and tiling or something as simple as bespoke light fittings, we can handle all of this for you.

Some people choose to have swimming pools built in their extended room, others would like an additional pantry or kitchen or a downstairs bedroom to accommodate elderly inhabitants or visitors, if you consult with our professionals we can advise you of anything you would need to bear in mind & also about how your bespoke adjustments or changes would impact costs & turnaround time.

Other Types Of Home Extensions

In addition to general extensions to a home you can also “convert” certain rooms of a house:

Specifically “Loft conversions” and “basement conversions”

What Is A Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion is the clearing out, stabilization and conversion of a loft (attic) into a usable space with access from downstairs either via ladders or a staircase.

Loft conversions are one of the most convenient ways in which to maximize the amount of space in a property adding an estimated 30% of usable space onto a house, which not only makes the house more functional & larger, it also adds value onto a property with people reporting an approximate 21-30% increase onto the sales price of their home.

Basement Conversions

Another option is a basement conversion, this is the same principal as a loft conversion however it occasionally requires an expansion of the lower portion of the house with an excavation and implementation of structural adjustments to foundations and other adaptations, however once completed, basement conversions are often spectacular, with many people opting to use this space for that home gym they’ve always dreamed about, or a home cinema system.

We can handle all of the above and implement the build and fit out to your exact specifications, we pride ourselves on our work and attention to detail & we are committed to delivering the best in workmanship.

What is the Value Added Onto A Home From Having Extensions Built?

Values added onto a house as a result of extending the property can be substantial, check out our info-graphic here for some statistics:

House extensions increase value of property

Infographic image of how extensions increase the value of a home

As can be seen from the image, the value added onto a property as a result of the various enhancements described on this page can often increase the value of the property from anything between 7% and 35% of the properties’ total value, making it a sound investment especially for properties in higher value brackets.

For Whatever your needs, we have a solution to help you realize your dream house, our home extensions can add substantial value onto your property.

We have years of experience in helping the British public extend their property, our builders are highly qualified and have dealt with most scenarios concerning property expansion.

Our expertise & extensive training enables us to deliver the best in house construction, extensions just happens to be one of many areas we specialize in due to a large volume of people wanting work of this nature from us.

Our builders are SMSTS trained with full accreditation’s in construction, & all are fully qualified & highly experienced in their respective trades, all heating engineers we work with are gas safe registered and all tradesman have the relevant qualifications to handle their job effectively and safely.


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