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July 25, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions – House Building

This section is dedicated to answer those important frequently asked questions in regards to building your own bespoke luxury home.
Q1: Is it advisable to consult your luxury bespoke home builder before purchasing the plot of land to build on?
A1: In our vast experience as bespoke new home builders we generally have dealt with clients who have already purchased their plot of land and we build their bespoke home on it after demolishing any structures already present. However, we can be of assistance in an advisory capacity to give information and advice on the type of land to purchase to build your bespoke home.

Q2: What do I need to know before I buy land to build a home on?
A2: Depending on the stage of life your in, the following factors need to be consider:
Location- close to local amenities, the view, school districts, distances for commuting
The neighbours/neighbourhood- in 5 to 10 years any planning applications submitted for future builds, proximity to railway tracks etc
Utilities- the supply of water, gas, electricity, local council services and phone and internet

Bespoke & luxury house building FAQ’s

This section is going to cover areas such as Building Regulations and Planning permissions and the competent person scheme
Q3. What are Building Regulations?
A3. Building regulations are the necessary safety measures dictated by United Kingdom government legislation which have designed to ensure that all the minimum standards for health, safety, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency, sustainability and to prevent misuse, abuse or contamination of water supplies are all adhered too during the construction of your luxury bespoke home.
Further information can be found in the link below regarding Building Regulations.

Q4. What is planning permission?
A4. This is the necessary consent that is granted by the local planning authority of your local city or borough council. It is essential when wanting to build a bespoke home all the relevant planning applications are applied for in gaining the permission to build on land or change the use of the land or building in question. It is usually a formal document issued by the relevant council detailed with the specific permissions granted to the site by your local authority.
It is our responsibility as your bespoke new home builder to guide you through your planning permission application.

Q5. What is the competent person’s scheme?
Q5. (CPS) has been brought in by the UK government to make sure that individuals and organisations that are carrying out the necessary work to complete the construction of your bespoke home project are fully qualified to do so and can issue the necessary certification for any works carried out. This scheme was simply developed to ensure the building process was made more efficient as an alternative to submitting building notices or having an external inspector approve the work that has been completed.

Q6. What is an approved inspector?
A6. As there are approved inspectors in the private industry available to inspect that your bespoke home meets all the requirements expected by the law in the United Kingdom, these specialist professional are approved of by the government and are available to ensure the project will meet all appropriate government related building regulations.

Luxury house building – frequently asked questions
The information provided in this section is to ensure all of our potential customers are fully aware of the legalities involved in building their bespoke home. It is further important, for you our potential customer, to understand the type of fully inclusive service we offer all of our customers. As we intend to provide all the relevant information and assistance for any planning permission applications that need to be undertaken by yourselves and we will ensure all of the works carried out by ourselves during the construction of your bespoke home project will meet all the necessary Building Regulations set by UK Law.
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