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Bespoke Loft Conversions – High End Loft Conversions – Luxury Loft Conversions

Are you looking for luxury/high end/ bespoke loft conversion building services?

Our builders can work with you on this. Everything from design to build and all things in between.

Reasons Why We Are The Company Your Should Work With:

1/ We are your one stop shop for bespoke or luxury loft conversion, anything you need included in your loft conversion we can have built-to-spec, meaning whatever your specifications, we can carry out the work to your instruction.

2/ We have expert tradesmen that can handle every aspect of high end loft conversion, be it plumbing, electrics, roofing, brickwork, windows and doors, painting, flooring/carpeting, plastering, stairs-fitting, or basically any aspect of not only the internal and external build, but also the fitting out of your luxury loft.

3/ Custom built loft conversions happen to be one of our specialities, and we offer a level of service not provided by other building companies’. We are used to dealing with individuals who have very specific ambitions for their loft space and we are sensitive to every aspect of details you would like to be included.

What Is Different About Bespoke Loft Conversion?

Whether you would describe it as luxury loft conversion, bespoke, or high end, some people have very specific needs when it comes to their home.

We recognize that fact and we have expert professionals to deal with all of the different bespoke elements that homeowners may wish to have included in their loft conversion.

Common Luxury Loft Conversion Features:

Usual requests from people wanting bespoke loft conversions include the following but not limited to:

2-3 dormers included in the roof-space

Bespoke electrical lighting,

luxury furniture and high end fit-outs

Balcony to the exterior of the loft

Custom furniture

Custom flooring

And other features

When it comes to loft conversion there are a number of custom features people like to be included, when you reach out to us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page we will collect information from you in relation to your potential project and we will build our approach based on your bespoke requirements.

Why Use Us For Your Custom-Made Loft Conversion project?

1/ We have years of experience in handling custom-made loft conversions, all down to customer specifications and requirements.
2/ We can handle every aspect from the design to the build, if you come on board with us we will ensure your project will be carried out to the highest professional standard.
3/ We have specialists to handle every trade, you will not have to worry about any aspect of loft conversion working with us, we can handle the task in it’s entirety.
4/ We have a collection of satisfied customers whom have worked with us and would recommend us to future clients.
5/ Our prices are competitive and reasonable, we recognize that even with luxury loft conversion, price is still an important factor.

We provide a free, no obligation quote and estimate for potential clients, if you would like us to provide you with a quote and assessment on a no obligation basis, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements and your project further.

Custom Loft Conversions – Types Of Luxury Lofts That Can Be Made To Order

Bespoke Hip To Gable Loft Conversions – This is a loft conversion with a “hipped roof” adaptation that means that there is an extra roof space added to the property, meaning that one side of the roof can act as a wall, this has the added benefit that one side of the pitched roof can be used as if it is a wall, this maximises overall room on the property.

Bespoke Velux Loft Conversions – People sometimes’ ask us in relation to luxury or custom-made bespoke velux conversions, a velux conversion is a type of loft that has had all of the basic conversion elements taken care of (the boarding and the internal structural adaptation) however on occasion a client will request certain bespoke features.

Bespoke Dormer Loft Conversions
– Some people require additional dormers’ and balconies included in their dormer, this is something (subject to structural space) we can include for you. Also any other custom elements, such as electrical installations, plumbing, special furnishings and decorations.

Bespoke Mansard Loft Conversions – Many people ask for luxury and bespoke items to be included in a mansard conversion (a mansard conversion is a conversion that is usually used on a terraced property, designed to maximise loft-space by expanding the roof). We can handle your requirements whatever they may be.

For a free quote and assessment of your project, feel free to get in touch with us using the form to the top of the page and we will be in touch with you ASAP in relation to your bespoke project.

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