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Bespoke House Building & Luxury House Building Company, All (UK)

If you’re looking for a bespoke house building company, we have you covered.

Years of experience in building both tailor made & luxury houses & homes all over the United Kingdom for a range of customers.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation about your home project, or if you would like more information about our services and experience feel free to read below.

What Is A Bespoke Build House?

A bespoke custom built house is a house that is made to a specification by a customer.

These custom built, new build houses can be built to a plan that is produced by the person commissioning the build (the investor), we can work with you every step of the way.

The customer informs our planning experts/architects of their requirements for the property, and we get to work making that dream a reality.

Our builders can build properties to specification as commissioned by a property developer or homeowner, or investor.

We have highly trained & qualified building professionals with years of experience building properties from scratch to a specification.

Our custom made homes are built in accordance with the laid out requirements, we have extensive experience in this area & would be delighted to help with your project.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Luxury House?

Some people may be asking themselves questions like:

“How much does it cost to build a bespoke house?”
“How much will it cost me to build a luxury house?”

The truth is there are many factors that can dictate the costs of this, we will explore these in more detail below:

Quick tip: It’s a very good idea to put aside 10–15% of any house building budget as a contingency for any unforeseen costs as they might arise.

Factors Dictating How Much It May Cost To Build Your Bespoke Or Luxury House:

1/ The land cost, where is the plot of land you are purchasing? Traditionally land in the south east of England tends to be more expensive than in the north west of England, also the size of this land will be a factor of the pricing as will the flatness of the terrain, these are factors to consider, and whilst a sloping piece of land might be good for drainage, it could cost significantly extra in ground-works in order to make the foundations stable and suitable.

2/ The Materials used, some kinds of building materials are more expensive than generic materials, are you looking for bricks or stone build? Does the luxury/bespoke property have a theme? Some people will elect to have a property built that emulates that of a Spanish, villa, or a Tudor home, this will have a bearing on the pricing due to the costs of materials.

3/ Specific/Custom “Mod-Cons” specific Luxury items, Looking for a home cinema with a full fit out? Swimming pool? Or just a more general build, for example you can spend £3,000 on a bathroom or £60,000, which would be your choice for your home? Somewhere in the middle?, your requirements will be a huge factor in the costings of the project.

4/ The house plan, If a floor plan is narrow, it generally costs more to build than a more square area, also complexity is a factor, some people choose to have rooms with walls that are curved, this can be more expensive than straight walls, also the angles involved, if there are more angles it generally means that the build will be more expensive, however sometimes angles are necessary for the design features that people want for their bespoke or luxury home.

5/ Number of Floors/Storeys to the property, the largest expenses in building a property are ones associated with the ground-floor and the foundations, so building up higher in the property to realize more rooms and space makes good financial sense, not only that but it saves land which is one of the larger expenses associated with building a new luxury home from scratch.

Our advice to you would be to make contact with us in order to get an accurate assessment of your requirements & some qualified assistance and advice for your project.

We can help with all aspects of bespoke house building however lavish or normal it may be, get in touch with our luxury house builders team’ for guidance & support.

Your New Home Builders

We can build a new home for you from scratch anywhere in the United Kingdom (We service all of the United Kingdom Including London).

We can take the house build from the very beginning brand new & build the home of your dreams from the very beginning.

Characteristics Of Our New Home Bespoke/Custom Made Builds:

1/ People commissioning the build can set their specifications to whatever they wish for the property build, it can have as many rooms & be as large or as small as planning permission allows.

2/ The design even down to the materials can be specified by the customer before the build, all interiors can be set, from the wall paper to the paint work, down to the carpet & the curtains, we offer a full home fit out which sets us apart from other home builder companies, we can have your house ready to inhabit.

3/ You can have unconventional features added to your property that with existing home/house builds may not be possible: some people like to have features added such as a swimming pool (either an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor swimming pool) added to the property during the build, a large garden that is bespoke build with topiary & decking features, to an outhouse with an internal hot tub or sauna, the possibilities for your property are literally endless.

How A Bespoke/Custom Built House Is Better Than Buying An Existing House

Offers increased individuality to the house, your own choices, preferences and features can be added where otherwise it would not be possible.

Choices around the external elements of the house, the bricks, the doors, the windows, the frames, the door frames, the driveway, the patio, railings, fences, stair cases & all other elements can be customized to reflect any design elements that you would prefer to be added into the building.

Value For Money is another factor in this, the price that you would pay for the build of an existing home as opposed to building one from scratch would net you less for your money, this is obvious due to the fact that people construct new homes from scratch & sell them on for a profit, this is common & is known as “New Property Development” OR “New House Developments”.

New Bespoke House Builders

Our house builders are highly trained and experienced in all elements of putting together a house & home from scratch.

Here are just some of the skills that our bespoke house builders have:

Bespoke furniture
Tape & jointing
Electrical work (electrics)
Painting & decorating
Fire alarms
LED specialists
Dry lining (partitions)
Dry lining (ceilings)
Heating Engineering
Air Conditioning (Mechanical Engineering)
Skips (waiting & loading)
Builders Cleaning

We are SMSTS trained builders & we are first aid trained, with all of the accreditation’s necessary in order to carry out new build house construction.

Our House Builders accreditation’s include all of the major accreditation’s along with the CSCS Certifications.

Things To Consider Before Embarking On A New Build House Construction

Budget – Talking to our specialists can help you ensure that you have adequate budget for the project, we can help you by assessing your requirements & advising you on what features will cost & work with you to make the new house build fit your budget, honest review and appraisal, free initial consultation.

Consider What Features You’d Like – Having a clear idea in mind of the avenues you’d like to discuss with our specialist builders & construction experts is a good way to get started, our bespoke home builders can help point you in the right direction & select appropriate materials to best achieve the result you want for your new home construction.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions – Our construction team are there to help you, & bespoke tailor made home building is one of our many specializations, reaching out to us with ideas is an important part of you getting what you want for your home building, we are willing and able to help however we can.

What Is Different About Our Luxury House Builders Or Bespoke House Builders?

We have builders and professionals that are trained and have experience in every specialism that relates to the building of luxury and bespoke houses.

Our experience comes from years in the trade and years serving the public in all aspects of construction.

We are proud of our previous works and hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism as our principal ongoing concern, we believe that if we deliver the highest standards of construction to our esteemed clients, in return we will gain new clients through positive feedback and positive word of mouth for future works.

Offering the best service is the best business model out there and we want our customers to recommend our website and our services to as many people as possible, this is one of our principal motivations as a business and our builders are aware of this.

Luxury House Builds – Another Specialism Of Ours

We can also help people wanting a luxury property to be built from scratch.

Luxury homes can range from multiple storey houses with 5 or more bedrooms to 12 bedroom mansions and over and above that.

We can handle higher end bespoke new home construction/builds of this nature no problem.

These home builds tends to be very popular in the south east of England however we can travel anywhere in the United Kingdom, our luxury home builders regularly travel over distance to cater for the needs of people in far away places. This presents no problem for us.
Our design & build team can aid you from start to finish with the build of your luxury house.

Process Of Building A Luxury Or Bespoke Home, Mansion, Stately Home Or Manor House

The process of building luxury & bespoke houses and properties for residential purposes is much the same however there are key variables from one project to the next:


Size Of The Land: This is important because the larger the land & subsequent building on that land, the more planning it requires because usually there are more rooms on the property.
Terrain Of The Land: The terrain that is being built upon needs to be level in order for the property to be structurally sound, this needs to be taken account into both the planning and execution, it depends on presence of rocks that could make the terrain uneven, soil (potential mounds in the soil) and any other natural phenomena that can contribute to a ground being uneven. We can work with any terrain as we have excavation professionals that can create a level “building pad”.
Design Requirements Your requirements could range from a 40 room house to a 15 room smaller bespoke/ customised house build, these are things that need to be taken into account when considering what is required to complete the build of your new home. It impacts not only costings, but also time-scales and the suitability of the plot of land along with planning permission.

Which Things With A Luxury/Bespoke House Project Require Planning Permission?

You will usually need planning permission when your home development project falls in to one of three categories:

(1) You want to change the purpose of an existing building (doesn’t apply to a luxury home build)
(2) You want to build something new (This DOES apply)
(3) You want to make a large scale change to an existing building (such as a house extension, however there are exceptions such as certain types of loft conversion)

To find out more regards planning permission you have 2 options:

1/ Speak to us for further advice on what specific permission you will require (Recommended as our builders can give you the benefit of their experience)
2/ Contact your local planning authority here

Process Of Building A Luxury Or Bespoke Home, Mansion, Stately Home Or Manor House (Cont’d)

    *Intended as a basic guideline there may be small differences on a case-by-case basis.

1/ Initial Meeting With Representative/Project Manager/Architect – This is so that the client can make it clear what their requirements are for the property, details are taken down by the representatives in order to “build a picture” of the custom requirements of the client.
2/ Planning Phase – The phase where the project manager and the architect take into account all the different considerations about the project upon receipt of the requirements of the project from the client, the architects’ plans and drawings are created and this is agreed and signed off with the client.
3/ The Process Of Preparing The Foundations & the base This is when the foundations are dug once the land has been surveyed, the struts are planted in the earth and the initial framework is constructed so that the new home will be strong and stable, along with the construction of the concrete base of the house from which to build the floors this is executed in line with all relevant building regulations as applicable with all rules observed.
4/ The Construction of the external walls – Our luxury house builders will then proceed to build the external walls for the bespoke property, ensuring that the walls are correct and structurally sound.
5/ The Construction of the roof – The building team then proceeds to build the roof and the loft.
6/ Internal walls & windows & plastering – The internal basic elements are then built to ensure that the house is properly insulated and ready for the asthetic stages, along with the floorboards and staircases, roof insulation is also added at this point, cleaning of rubble and waste is also carried out at this point usually.
7/Asthetics – Interal decorations, painting, wallpaper, carpets, electrical fittings and all other internal elements such as furniture placement and final preparations for inhabitation.

(the above is intended as a basic guide and there will likely be additional elements included in your custom house build.)

Unique Characteristics Of Our Bespoke House Building Services

We tend to complete tailor made home builds in quicker time than most companies.

We have a proven track record of success & very satisfied clients giving us repeat business.

We have a large team of builders & building professionals & architects that can think out a solution to most if not all issues that can arise with a new home build project.

Our newly built bespoke homes/houses are of a high quality, we excel in what we do and pride ourselves on our high standards of home construction & we produce high quality work time and time again.

We’ve been building luxury homes for a long time, our luxury house builders have experience all over the country (United Kingdom) working on both commercial & residential luxury properties.

More About Luxury Home Building & Construction

We have successfully worked on home builds to the value of in excess of £5m, taking the property from the stage of “plot of land” through to “completed build & fit out”.

We love to get involved with large home builds as much as we do with our standard house construction…

Luxury house building can be more complex than standard home builds in different ways:

Larger area, potentially a lot more rooms than with a more standard new house building

More features not possible with a smaller plot of land

More intricacy with a variety of different features: swimming pools, extended garden areas, large decking areas, terraces, outhouses, multiple bathrooms, indoor swimming pools, indoor gymnasiums, multiple kitchens etc.

Gardens usually larger occupying a larger space requiring extensive works.

If you have a new house building project or a luxury home building project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to help.

Another term to describe a “luxury home” is a “mansion”

What Is A Mansion?

The term “mansion” refers to a “large luxury house” commonly a house with multiple bedrooms on a large plot of land with extensive features.

We have extensive experience in building mansions from planning phase through to full execution of the project & sign off.

Common features of a mansion:

5 or more bedrooms
More than one sitting room (Living room)
Multiple bathrooms (commonly 4 or more)
Usually a minimum of 12 rooms in total
Large driveway
Large garden(s) commonly more than one

Our mansion builders can construct the mansion of your dreams handling all elements of building the new mansion home from the planning phase through to the full fit out of the property, This includes but is not limited to:

Landscaping & Gardening
Painting and Decorating/Wallpapering
Patio Builds
Artexing & Ceiling Works
Kitchen fitting
Heating Engineering

& All other aspects of building a new mansion house or a stately home.

Manor House Builders/ Stately Homes Builders

Another one of our specialties is the building of manor houses (otherwise known as stately homes), a stately home is a house that is usually a “large country house”, which is built over a large expanse of land, commonly near water but that is not a per-requisite, these stately homes usually require extensive expertise & resources to construct them, however our team of stately homes builders have all the skills required to build a stately/manor house from scratch.

Purchasing Land For Your New Home?

For those who are at the stage of purchasing the land for their bespoke build, getting in touch with us at this stage means that we can guide you on your choice of land from the beginning, whilst this is not essential, it does allow us to assist you from the very beginning of proceedings.

Here are some key things to be mindful of when purchasing a piece of land for your new luxury house:

1/ Be Careful Where You Purchase The Land

Be careful about purchasing land from a builders’ “land bank” sometimes they can be insistent that you use their services as a “pre-condition of sale” be advised this limits you in what you can have built into your property & you could well be limited by the skill-sets of the professionals building the property.

2/ Be Careful About The Terrain Of The Land You Purchase

Be advised that if the ground is uneven, this could lead to additional costs incurred in order to get the land to the correct elevation for a solid foundation & safe construction of the property, if you are in any doubt, contact us for further guidance.

3/ Be Careful That The Size & Shape Of The Land Fits The Plans That You Want For Your Dream House Build

Put Simply: if the land is the wrong size and shape for the property build of your dreams, then be advised this could compromise what is possible to build on that plot of land.

For guidance, get in touch & we can offer assistance.

4/ Be Mindful Of Existing Planning Permission

Some plots of land may have planning permission granted, however this existing planning permission may not also incorporate the bespoke or luxury elements that you may require for your home build, keep it in mind that you may require additional planning permissions for additional customized elements and features.

5/ Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Advice

Local planning authorities, building advisers, architects & many other people working in the trade can offer help, don’t leave it to chance or let time slip to the point where you are already faced with a problem with the build as this can be a costly oversight.

We are happy & willing to offer advice & we would recommend you work with us on your project, we offer a free initial consultation and appointment free of charge.

Get in touch with us now to receive a quotation and free consultation for your house build, we’d be delighted to help you.

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