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Hampshire Luxury Home Builders – Bespoke House Builders Hampshire

For those looking for a Hampshire Home building company to build their bespoke new build home in the Hampshire area of the United Kingdom, we have you covered.

Our Hampshire Luxury House Builders – We Have The Required Skill-sets

Our Hampshire-based team of home building professionals have all of the required skills and experience to build your new build home from scratch, these particular skills include the following but not limited to:

Bricklaying – All external brickworks and concrete work to build the external walls. This requires considerable skill in the art of Bricklaying & wall-building and is considered essential for obvious reasons for a project of this magnitude.

Plastering – Our Hampshire Bespoke Home Builders team are able to plaster the inner walls of your property in preparation for further decoration further in the process of building your dream home, this is another skill that is essential & needs to be carried out with considerable care and attention.

Foundation Building & Excavations – Essential at the early stage of building your Hampshire-based new build home is the excavations and the digging for the foundations, it is incredibly important to get this right before the rest of the house is built as this will ensure the stability of the new property making it essential.

Roofing – It’s impossible to have a home built without some kind of roof to keep out the elements (especially with the variety of the weird and wonderful British weather). It needs to be carried out with care and to specification, fully sealed and secure from any potential leakages and other weather related potential breaches, we can have this covered for you.

Painting & Decorating – Any dream new build home wouldn’t be complete without quality internal decorations and paintwork, including any wall papering, carpet fitting and flooring, we can handle all aspects of this for you so you don’t have to search for extra tradesmen to handle this for you, we are happy to take care of the internal décor.

Window Fitting/Double Glazing/UPVC – A critical aspect of the build of any new bespoke or luxury home is the window fitting, this is something we can also handle on your behalf, built to specification.

Doors Both Internal & External – We can fit all the doors (internal and external) that are to be included in your Hampshire luxury home, including all door-frames and fixtures (locks/handles etc).

Carpentry – We have skilled carpenters and joiners that can handle a full range of woodwork that may be required for your luxury home, (comes in particularly handy when fitting staircases).

Plumbing & Waterworks – We have expert plumbers to handle the plumbing in of all bathroom and kitchenware that requires direct access to water, including any sinks, toilets, baths, showers or hot tubs.

Electrics – We have fully trained and qualified electricians that can handle your electrical needs for your property, ensuring your home is fully wired and connected electrically with good access to power sockets and lighting potential.

Light fitting – Another thing we can take care of for you as per bespoke (custom) specification.

Getting The Picture? 🙂 We are willing and able to help with aspects of creating your bespoke Hampshire Home.

Will I Need An Architect?

For a new build home in Hampshire you will certainly be requiring the services of a quality architect, however we have our own architects we can use to work with should you require that, alternatively you can select your own architect and we can work with them once the plans are drawn up and agreed.

Either way we have experience of working with a range of architects on a range of different projects (including luxury, bespoke and custom home builds), this doesn’t present an issue to us.

Planning Permission?

You will also need planning permission which is another thing we have experience in during our years as Hampshire home builders.

We can work with the architects and building engineers in submitting a planning application to the local authority (In this case Hampshire local building authority) and can help you gain planning permission for your new house build.

What If My Land Is In A “Conservation Area”?

Conservation areas, at-a-glance: on occasion we have customers that wish to build on land that is part of what is known as a “conservation area”. This is when the area is protected due to the fact that it is seen to be of particular historical or architectural interest.

However, just because an area happens to be part of a “conservation area” this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be any issues in obtaining planning permission, the worst case scenario often times is that the plans may need to be adjusted slightly to meet with the requirements of the local council, however this may not (in your case) even be an issue, we mention it here in case it becomes an item of interest moving forward (it’s best we deal with things on a case by case basis and as and if they come up).

As Hampshire House builders it is our duty to deliver the best quality in tradesman-ship and care when building your bespoke home, feel free to get in touch with us and ask us any questions that may arise as you make your decision to build your very own luxury home.

We recognize (as a Hampshire Building Company) that such a decision is a big step for some and care and consideration is required to ensure that all parties are clear on the requirements and necessities when undertaking a project of this size and scale, we are sensitive to that and are happy to help you are any stage of proceedings.

Like to know more about our services or previous projects? Want to get in touch to get things moving for your dream luxury home? Feel free to get in touch with us using the “Free Quote” form at the upper right hand side of the page or call us at the number displayed at the top, we would be delighted to hear from you about your new luxury home project.

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