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Conservatory Builders – Conservatory Building Company

Looking for conservatory building services?

We have expert specialists operating nationwide who can help you realize the conservatory of your dreams.

Our Conservatory Builders

As a specialist, nationwide conservatory building company we are able to handle all aspects of conservatory building including but not limited to:

Design of the Conservatory – Any home improvement project begins with a concept or an idea, we can help you with this part as well as the installation and build of the conservatory itself. We can help you with the architectural part along with the building of your conservatory.

What About Planning Permission? Will I Need It?

Planning Permission – For a home conservatory, in the overwhelming majority of cases of conservatory building you do not require planning permission, however this has it’s boundaries, below are the bounds for “permitted development” (no need for planning permission) for conservatory projects:

1) A maximal amount of 50% of the land around the home can be covered by the conservatory without the need for planning permission.
2) There can be no extension forward of general level of elevation or the side elevation in front of a highway.
3) There can be no extension higher than the highest section of roof (most conservatories would not cross this boundary anyway).
4) Maximum height of a single-storey rear conservatory should be no more than 4m
5) Side conservatories should be single storey with maximum height of 4m and width of no more than 50% of the original house space.
6) No raised platforms, balconies or verandas.
7) For conservation areas and World Heritage Sites – no permitted development for rear extensions of more than one storey; no cladding of the exterior; no side extensions (speak to our conservatory specialists if there is any confusion in relation to this).
8) A rear conservatory must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 3m if an attached house or by 4m if a detached house, however there can be exceptions to this rule subject to the neighbour consultation scheme (can be increase to 6-8m), again, contact us for further guidance.

What If My Plans Or Ideas For Conservatory Are Outside Of The Permitted Development Crtiteria?

At some stage a planning application will need to be submitted, we can help you with this with both the submission of the planning application and any advice on matters of planning as required.

Specialist Conservatory Fitters – Why You Might Want To Work With Us

As specialist conservatory fitters we have experience in all aspects of conservatory building, including but not limited to:

Foundations: we can handle the digging of the foundations along with the building of the base for the rest of the construction.
Brickwork: we can handle the building of any walls as required. External brickwork is an area we have years of experience in as with other aspects of conservatory fitting.

Building The Frame: We can build the frame for the windows of your conservatory, also the frame enabling the fitting of the roof and the insulation.

Window Fitting: We can fit the windows for your home conservatory as well as all the other elements.

Conservatory Roof Fitting: We can fit your conservatory roof no matter which type of conservatory roof you decide to choose for your new build conservatory.

What Is Different About Our Nationwide Conservatory Builders?

High levels of professionalism – we have a team of expert conservatory fitters that have experience in handling both the internal and external elements of the project.

Fully qualified and accredited – We are not your everyday firm of conservatory builders, we are fully qualified with all the required accreditations needed for building conservatories of any type.

Proven track record of successfully completed projects – Our conservatory fitters have completed a number of successful projects of all shapes and sizes, we can handle builds of all shapes and sizes.

Reasonably Priced and we provide a free quote and assessment of your conservatory.

How Much Will A Conservatory Cost Me?

This depends on your individual needs, the size of your conservatory, and the design itself (some people want luxury and bespoke features added to their conservatory, this can increase the price).
The best way to find out what the cost will be is to request a quote at the top of the page from one of our specialist builders, we will then be in touch with you to arrange your quote.

I Have An Architect, Can I Still Work With You?

We can work with you at any stage of proceedings, so whether you have a plan drawn up from an architect or you require the services of an architect (we can provide one) then we have you covered and can work with you at any stage of proceedings.

If you would like a free quote and assessment of your conservatory project feel free to get in touch with out expert conservatory builders and fitters using the contact information at the top of the page (contact form and phone number).

We’re very happy to hear from you about your project and are willing to help at any stage.

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