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Bromley Conservatories – Conservatory Building Company Bromley

Searching for a quality building company to handle the build of your Bromley conservatory?

We are your full service builders for conservatories in the area of Bromley, London & surrounding areas.

Stages of Building A Bromley Conservatory

Design – Getting all of the ideas into an organised plan is critical, people have many and varied ideas surrounding how they would like their conservatory to be built, but having this on record is key. We have the services of architects and design expertise that can help with this to ensure your requirements are taken into account in the planning for the build phase.

Build – Once the plans are signed off and, (if applicable) any necessary planning permission (rarely needed) is obtained, the build can begin. This is the stage where our skilled Bromley conservatory builders can go ahead and build it as per the specifications outlined in the planning phase.

This stage will include all foundational work, plumbing, electrical work, internal decorations, plastering, lighting, plumbing and heating engineering, with flooring work and all the necessary aspects that aim to make your Bromley conservatory a success.

One important point: the decision you make on the type of roof to have on your Bromley conservatory will have an impact on how comfortable the room is during harsher weather climates and temperatures, this is worth keeping in mind and having a discussion with one of our experts about options that are available for people whom wish to protect against the harsher British weather types.

Decoration – Our Bromley Conservatory Fitters can decorate your conservatory giving it the finish you’re looking for, including all flooring fitting, tiling and light fitting, blinds and curtains, and generally all the elements that a conservatory would need to be habitable and complete.

We will handle all aspects of the construction of any conservatories in Bromley, we can cut out the middleman by having our very own specialist tradesmen to handle the complete project.

Our Bromley Conservatory Builders Team

Our team of fully qualified and experienced Bromley conservatory fitters and builders have expertise gained from a vast portfolio of building projects for all kinds of home improvements.

Our skill sets include:

Window Fitting & Glazing
Electrical work
Floor fitting
Internal decorations – Painting and Wallpapering
Heating Engineering
& more

We operate in Bromley and surrounding areas.

How Long Will The Build Of My Conservatory Take?

Generally Bromley conservatories take around 1-4 weeks to complete, (this is the complete time frame not the time frame for the actual labour that is completed much quicker.)

Taking into account all aspects of the planning is important when projecting time-scales, however most if not all conservatories are completed within that time-frame.

Why Choose Us?

1/ We are a full-service conservatory building company (you won’t need to look for extra tradesmen to complete any tasks along the way), people generally find this to be more convenient than searching for multiple different tradesmen each with their own schedule.
2/ We will endeavour to complete all projects for Bromley conservatories as quickly and as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the lives of the homeowners and residents.
3/ We are reasonable with pricing, competitive pricing is something we believe in as a conservatory building company.
4/ We have a portfolio of previous successful conservatory projects of which we are proud: we take pride in our workmanship.
5/ We offer a completely free, no obligation quote for individuals looking to have conservatories built in the Bromley area or surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Having A Conservatory

Increases the value of the home – conservatories are known to increase the value of the home they are built on, the value in which a conservatory can increase a home by is around 7% (in the scheme of things that is quite a significant margin when you consider a property that is worth £320,000 with a 7% increase in value would be worth £342,400.

It is highly possible and even probable to not only recover the cost of a Bromley conservatory at point of sale but also to make a profit (not to mention the general appreciation of property in that area).

Conservatories are often beautiful additions to homes which add a lot of versatility and natural light to the existing space. The end result of conservatories are often spectacular & they can be used for a range of purposes.

Usually this type of extension is less expensive than other extension types, however there can be exceptions to this rule (for example some clients will choose a very bespoke design with a lot of custom features – something we can also work with if required).

Are There Disadvantages To A Conservatory?

Generally the only main disadvantage to a conservatory as opposed to other forms of home improvement is the fact that the generic type of polycarbonate roofing can allow harsh temperatures to make the room uncomfortable, however from the outset this can be avoided by selecting a different kind of roof (be sure to ask our specialists for their advice on the matter).

Generally conservatories are designed to be smaller than other extensions, but they can easily be “scaled up” to fill larger spaces, however similar to other extension types this can mean planning permission could be required (rare) as it may be outside of the bounds of “permitted development”.

On rare occasions some people seek to have a conservatory built in what is known as a “conservation area” this is not necessarily an obstacle but our specialists will be able to inform you if your home is in one of these areas.

Conservation Areas?

These are areas that are protected because they are of a specific historical or architectural interest.
It is rare that this would arise as an issue, but it is worth mentioning just in case.

If you would like a free no obligation quote for Bromley conservatories then feel free to get in touch with us for a quote or any questions you may have in relation to our services or conservatories in general.

How Much Will It Cost?

Your conservatories’ price will be affected by various different factors including but not limited to the following:

1) The Square Metres (Size) of the conservatory – This will affect the price in the sense that larger projects tend to be more expensive than smaller scale projects, so this will be largely influenced by your requirements as a client.
2) Do you want any luxury or bespoke design or decorative features? This can affect the price (the exact price is best explained by our expert conservatory installers and builders).
3) The design of the project, does it require specific architectural assistance or design assistance? (Again something that needs to be discussed with our specialists at the time of booking the appointment for the quote).

To get a free, no obligation quote for your project, feel free to get in touch with us, you can do this by using the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page and from there we can make contact with you to arrange a free assessment and quote.

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