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Conservatories Croydon – Conservatory Builders Croydon

Looking for reputable Croydon conservatory builders to build your home conservatory?

We have expert specialist conservatories builders who can handle every aspect of building your Croydon conservatory.

Our Croydon Conservatories Builders

As a Conservatory building company, we have a team of expert builders who are trained and qualified to handle every aspect of the construction of your conservatory all the way from design to completed fit out.

Here is an outline of the different stages of a conservatory build:

Design & Planning – Once the idea is clear in the mind of the customer we can then have our architect work with you on putting together a design and plan for the build, once it is clear what the design and plan is, if necessary (uncommon) a planning application can be submitted should your project require planning permission (generally not the case with conservatories in Croydon).

The Build – Once the plan is put together and the planning permission obtained (if applicable) then the builders can be briefed and put to work, here are the stages of the build in brief:

a) Digging of the foundations – this is the digging of the footings in order to make room for the foundations to be built to enable the conservatory fitters to move on to the next stages of the build.
b) Build of the base – A concrete base is installed and put in place to ready the project for the next stages
c) Construction of the walls – The walls and foundation will support the rest of the conservatory, this is another stage in proceedings that is absolutely critical to get right as it lays the foundation for the rest of the project.
d) Fitting of the frame – The Croydon conservatory fitters can then fit the frame to enable the installation of the windows and the conservatory roof.
e) Window and roof fittings – Our Croydon conservatory builders will then fit the windows and the roof to the conservatory to seal the conservatory from any potential weather conditions that may affect the internal conservatory fitting.
f) Internal Plastering – this is to prepare the internal walls for decoration and painting.
g) Electrical works – Preparation of all electrical fixtures and wiring to prepare for the final fit out of the Croydon conservatory.
h) Plumbing – All water access (as needed) to be added into the conservatory (often not required)
I) Painting and decoration – This is where all painting and wallpaper fitting is carried out along with all flooring fitting and carpet fitting.
J) Lighting – Making sure that the lighting is installed and fitted and in full working order.

Our Conservatory builders will make sure that each of these elements are taken care of and deliver the finish you’re looking for, for your home conservatory.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Conservatory?

Croydon conservatories generally take around 1-4 weeks to complete, we will endeavour to finish the building of your conservatory in the quickest time-frame with the minimal level of disruption to your routine and living space.

Some conservatories may take longer to build than others but this will be influenced by the scale, size and the intricacy of the plans for the build, however we will endeavour to finish the project as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Pros & Cons Of Conservatories


Generally less expensive than other types of home improvement and extension
Usually faster to build a conservatory than other types of home extension.
Highly versatile and allows a lot of natural light to pass into the home.
Conservatories can be beautiful and can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a home.


Can be influenced heavily by external weather temperatures (this can be resolved with both installation and conservatory roof replacement or smart choices around which roof should be added to the conservatory in the first instance.)
Generally smaller than other extensions, although you can opt for a larger conservatory if you require.

Overall there are both advantages and disadvantages to having a conservatory installed on your Croydon property, it is between yourself and our experts to discuss whether or not it would be an appropriate choice for your home, however most homes benefit considerably from having a conservatory fitted.

Increase In Value Due To Extending The Property

Conservatories in Croydon (and other locations) tend to increase the value of the property considerably (around 7%) with the average value of a property in Croydon being around £410,000+ (for homes) a 7% increase in the value of a home at this price can be a considerable increase in the value of your home.

It is a home improvement that for that reason alone is worth considering.

When it comes to the sale of the property in question a conservatory can help with the saleability, helping to positively influence the opinions of any potential buyers through it’s aesthetic appeal and versatile functionality.

Why You Should Let Our Builders Work On Your Croydon Conservatory

We have highly trained specialist conservatory builders who have experience in every aspect of conservatory fitting and building.

Our prices are fair and reasonable.

We have a portfolio of previous projects of which we are proud and we relish new opportunities.

We are a warm, friendly and helpful building company with years of experience in all areas of residential construction.

We offer a free quote and assessment for all potential customers in the Croydon area and areas’ local to Croydon.

Do I Need My Own Architect?

This is not necessarily a pre-requisite to us building Croydon conservatories, we are more than happy for you to get in touch with us, we have our own architectural specialists we work with that would be more than happy to handle your project, you have no need to search elsewhere if you don’t wish to, however if you already have an architect in mind we can also work with this, either way there is no issue.

If you would like a free quote and consultation about your conservatory, feel free to get in touch with us using the “Quote form” at the upper right hand side of the page or by calling the contact number to the upper right hand side of the page, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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