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Ealing Conservatories – Conservatory Builders In Ealing

In the area of Ealing, London conservatories are becoming increasingly popular amongst people looking to improve their home.

If you are looking for quality conservatory builders in the Ealing area we have you covered, we are a building company that can handle every aspect of building conservatories (fully qualified conservatory fitters & builders), with a proud portfolio of work over a period of time.

Our Ealing Conservatory Builders

Our builders (as mentioned above) can handle every stage of conservatory projects, all the way from the design phase through to the completed build and finish.

Here are some of the stages of conservatory fitting at a glance:

1/ Design – all the different projects for home improvement begin with an idea of what the client would like to have built, we can work with you right from the beginning and if necessary provide design advice and architectural help.

2/ (on rare occasions) Planning permission – on rare occasions planning permission may be required, this is generally for larger scaled conservatory projects and generally an issue that doesn’t come up in most conservatories.

3/ Foundation Build – This involves the building of the foundations, the concrete base, and the walls underneath the external window-ledge that supports the windows and the rest of the frame, it is important to carry this out with both care and precision due to the fact that this part of the build supports the rest of the structure.

4/ Setting up the frame – The frame is what holds the glass and plastic components of the conservatory together, this is another part that is very important to get right due to the fact that this basically holds the structure together.

5/Fitting of the windows and roof and sealing – This completes the external build of the conservatory and enables the Ealing conservatory fitters to move on to the next stage in proceedings which is the…

6/ Internal plastering – This is the preparation of the interior walls to make ready for the decoration and painting along with the floor laying and electrical fixtures and fittings.

7/ Plumbing (if applicable) – some people choose on rare occasions to have sinks and water access in their conservatory, this can be made possible if there is a requirement for it.

8/ Electrical works – electrical access points can be fitted so mains access in the conservatory would be a provision in the new Ealing conservatory.

9/ Lighting Works – We have lighting engineers whom can handle the lighting work for your new conservatory.

10/ Painting, Decoration & Floor fitting – Our Ealing conservatory builders can also handle the internal décor in addition to any specific needs on flooring or carpeting.

Why Have Your Ealing Conservatory Built With Us

As Ealing conservatory builders we recognize the need for quality builders who carry out what they say they will to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Here are some general reasons why we feel we are the right people to take on your project:

(1) Pricing – we price conservatories reasonably charging a fair price for materials and services
(2) Free Quote – we take the time to offer a free quote and consultation to all potential customers in Ealing
(3) Quality of work – we will carry out the build of any Ealing conservatories to the highest standards of workmanship and professional care.
(4) Efficiency – we will complete the construction of the project as quickly and as painlessly as time and circumstances allow taking into account the size, scale and complexity of the project.

Why A Conservatory Is A Good Idea?

Conservatories can be a good idea for individuals and homeowners looking for an efficient and generally straightforward (in comparison to other more larger scale extensions) means to add usable space, an extra room and to increase the value of their home, planned well and carried out to a high standard, they can be a spectacular addition to any home.

There are also additional benefits to having a conservatory including the following but not limited to:

1) With a solid roof they can essentially act as an extra room added to a property.
2) They add in a new source of natural light into a home without an increase in electricity bills.
3) Conservatory roofing can be adjusted and adapted at a later date (adaptable)
4) Conservatories are versatile and can be used for a range of different purposes
5) Ealing Conservatories can be constructed a lot faster than other extension types such as converted lofts, basements, and two storey or single storey brick extensions.

Possible Disadvantages To An Ealing Conservatory

Conservatories can traditionally be smaller-scaled than other types of extension or home improvement, people wishing to have larger extensions may be better suited to a another type of extension (however larger conservatories are possible).

Larger conservatories in Ealing may require planning permission, which to some could be seen as a temporary disadvantage or inconvenience.

Default conservatory roofing may be subject to harsh changes in climate which can impact the temperature of the conservatory, but this can be rectified, minimized and eliminated dependent on the type of conservatory roof the resident chooses, and these roofs can be changed at a later date.

How Long Do Conservatories In Ealing Take To Build?

Our conservatory builders will aim to have your project completed and ready to inhabit within a space of 1-4 weeks, all builds carried out to the best of our skills and abilities.

Factors affecting the amount of time it takes to construct conservatories in Ealing are the size, the complexity of the design, and the existing property as it stands now (access to the rear or side of the property etc).

By How Much Can An Ealing Conservatory Increase The Value Of My Home?

Conservatories in general tend to increase the value of a home by around 7%, so when you take this into account on £350,000 property this could be an increase of around £24,500 added to the properties’ value, however another positive factor to take into consideration is appreciation, as over time the amount of money the property is worth would also increase and the proportionate increase as a result of the conservatory would increase with it.

How Much Will My Conservatory Cost?

This is dependent firstly on your requirements and the size and scale of the project. We would advise you book an appointment with one of our specialist building professionals by using the “Quote Request” form at the top of the page, this way we can give you an informed and representative quotation that fits the work, materials and overall labour involved in building your extension.

How Quickly Can You Start My Project?

We can begin work as soon as everything is agreed and our builders are prepared to begin (we don’t keep people waiting) we look forward to beginning your build as soon as possible.

Builds typically take anything between 2-4 weeks (maximum) and we like to get started as soon as time allows to help you realise the home improvement you’re looking for in the quickest timeframe possible.

If you would like to receive a free quote and assessment for your Ealing conservatory we would be delighted to hear from you.

Also feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in relation to having your project built, we have trained experts and builders ready to assist you at any stage.

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