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Hackney Conservatories – Conservatory Builders & Fitters In Hackney

Searching for conservatory builders in Hackney, London?

See below for more information (we offer a free, no obligation quote for all potential conservatories customers).

Will I Need Planning Permission For A Hackney Conservatory?

Generally planning permission for conservatories is not required, however (in exceptional circumstances) planning permission may be required, however this is a rare occurrence, below are some usual factors that can sometimes create a need for planning permission. (rarely)

1) If the conservatory is being built in an area of particular architectural or aesthetic interest, usually for an extension of this scale it wouldn’t be an issue, however on rare occasions special permissions may be required (our specialist(s) would be able to advise you on this matter in the unlikely event that it were to pose an issue.
2) Size – Some larger scale conservatories can call for planning permission, usually if the conservatory extends further than 6 metres from the external rear or side wall, if this is the case then we can help advise you, and by no means does this mean the project would be prohibitive, the worst case scenario would be that it would be necessary to submit a planning application and potentially look at the design of the conservatory, however as stated above this is unlikely.

Most conservatories (including Hackney conservatories) are built without any need for planning permissions or special permissions.

How Much Will My Conservatory Cost?

This is a common question on the minds of many people considering having a conservatory built on their home, put simply: the cost will be dependent on three factors

1) Design – Will your conservatory have specific requirements or will it be more of a basic, generic design without bespoke design features or furniture?
2) Size – Will this be a standard sized conservatory or do you plan to have a larger scale one built? Large or more conventional sized? This will influence cost as you may imagine.
3) Extras (bespoke features/high end features) – Is this intended to be a luxury conservatory or one with the basic build features required of a more standard, general one? This will also influence the price of the Hackney conservatory.
Probably the quickest way to find out the cost of the project would be to contact us for a free, no obligation quotation and assessment of the project so we can provide insight into what would be possible for you and at what price and in what time-scale.

How Long Will My Conservatory Take To Build? How Long Before I Can Use It?

In general conservatories (taking into consideration a range of design differences and the many different sizes and shapes people choose to have built), your conservatory should be ready to use within 1-4 weeks of the build beginning.

(this is, as you may imagine heavily dependent on your requirements as the client and the size and scale of the project as a whole).
We like to be as efficient as possible so rest assured, you won’t be waiting around unnecessarily for your project to be completed and ready for you to use.

Our Hackney Conservatory Builders

We have conservatory fitters and builders that service the area of Hackney and surrounding areas in London and Beyond.
All our builders are experienced and fully trained in all necessary aspects required in order to complete the construction of a conservatory to a very high standard.
Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our company.

Why Choose Us For Your Project?

We have years of experience in handling the building and the fit out of conservatories, we have worked in Hackney for years and pride ourselves on a high standard of workmanship and quality.
Our pricing is reasonable for the work we carry out and we have a portfolio of previous works we are proud of and we can show evidence of previous projects upon request.

We are passionate, skilled, and highly experienced trained building professionals whom are capable of handling your conservatory build project from the very beginning through to completion.

I Don’t Have An Architect – Will I Need One?

You may or may not necessarily need the services of an architect, you are probably best to contact us to discuss the specifics so we can give you a more informed idea of requirements for the project.

If it is found that you will require the services of an architect, we can provide such a service, so in any case this will not pose a problem for us.

I Have An Architect Already, Can You Work With Other Architects?

Yes we have experience in dealing with other architects – this is no problem for us, we are happy to co-operate with any professionals you have on board to help deliver the conservatory you want for your Hackney-based property.

How Soon Can You Get Started On My Project?

Simply put, the sooner you make contact with us the sooner we can schedule an appointment with you to provide a free, no obligation quote, once we have an agreement in principal we can put everything in place to get started on the build.

We don’t like to leave our clients’ waiting so it will be as soon as our specialists are free to begin the project, but it starts here, with you requesting a quote and providing us with the information so we can start with our planning.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Conservatory Built?

Here are some general advantages at-a-glance

1) They are very often a beautiful addition to a home, they are extensions that can be very aesthetically pleasing and an asset to any property.
2) Conservatories boost the value of a home by an average of around 7%, we will leave that to your calculations as to what that could mean financially for you the value of your home.
3) They increase natural light and can help save on electricity bills by adding in a room that is light and airy.
4) Increases the space of the ground floor of the property that is versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes.
5) Great in good weather and ideal for hosting barbecues (weather permitting), parties or just for general lounging around in gentle climates, they can be a very pleasurable and attractive addition to a home.

Possible Disadvantages With A Conservatory As Opposed To Other Kinds Of Home Extension?

1) Harsh weather climates can affect the temperature significantly making a conservatory uncomfortable (however this can be prevented with specific types of conservatory roofing and additional UV protection or window and/or roof blinds – we can help you with this also).
2) Some people just prefer other kinds of extension, with conservatories commonly being mostly made from glass with a brick base, some people with rather choose an alternative that is more expensive, this is a matter of general preference and in particular conservatories tend to be highly popular.
3) They tend to be smaller than other forms of house extension so if you would prefer a larger home extension you may wish to either consider your options or simply have a larger conservatory built, both are very possible.

How Should I Begin On Getting My Project Started?

Get in touch with us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment with you, during this appointment we will provide you with a free, no obligation quotation and you will have the option to proceed thereafter.

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