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Conservatory Roof Replacement

Are you looking for a new conservatory roof for your home conservatory?

Need reliable, quality builders to carry out the work for you at the right price?

We have trained, qualified, experience professionals on hand & ready to replace your conservatory roof.

The number one problem with conservatories’ is that as the saying goes: in the summer it’s too hot, and in the winter its too cold.

This can be rectified to various extents depending on which type of replacement you choose for your conservatory.

*It is recommended you read this page in it’s entirety in order to make an educated decision on which replacement would be best for you (dependant on your priorities and budget), once you have decided on the type of roof you would like for your conservatory we are ready to help make your choice become a reality, we like our customers to make an informed decision, so please read on.*

Which Type Of Conservatory Roof Replacement Should I Choose?

There are several different types of conservatory roof:

New polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement: This is when the existing conservatory roof (usually polycarbonate) is replaced by a fresh polycarbonate conservatory roof.

It is possible to have a new polycarbonate roof installed on your conservatory if you wish.

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are usually the cheapest type of replacement conservatory roof, however most conservatories have a polycarbonate roof already installed, which in itself comes with its’ drawbacks:

Disadvantages Of A Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof:

1/ Noisy in bad weather – anything from a light “pitter patter” to a heavy “thudding” sound can be heard in bad weather such as rain or hailstones.

2/ Climate extremes: Cold Weather – Cold weather can often make a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof extremely cold and uncomfortable to live in, this can temporarily render your conservatory unusable, this can also impact on peoples’ heating bills making them spend more to keep their house warm than if they had a more suitable conservatory roof.

3/ The other climate extreme: Hot weather – Hot weather can make a conservatory with polycarbonate roofing incredibly warm and unbearable to sit in, this type of conservatory roofing often takes on the climate it is immersed in and becomes a “temperature incubator” of sorts for the heat or cold coming in.

4/ Polycarbonate conservatory roofs offer limited insulation.

Blue Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement: This is when the existing roof is replaced with a “blue glass roof”.

Commonly seen as a viable replacement for an old polycarbonate conservatory roof it has a blue tint which in itself has its own effects on a conservatory once installed.

Advantages Of Blue Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement:

The blue tint helps deflect more UV rays making the conservatory more habitable in summer climates.

Can occasionally be installed into the existing frame, but this will be dependent on how the existing conservatory is set up.
Is generally seen as an improvement on an existing polycarbonate roof, it can also prevent harmful UV rays from the sunlight.

Thermal insulation is improved with the addition of a blue glass conservatory roof replacement.

Disadvantages Of A Blue Glass Conservatory Roof:

These blue glass roofs are designed to address hotter climates more than cold climates so it generally doesn’t solve the issue of winter climates and the impact that can have on a conservatory.

Even though they offer improved insulation, that insulation is still limited.

Still less effective at night for insulation than other conservatory roof types, such as a solid conservatory roof.

Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement:

A type of conservatory roof replacement that is growing in popularity and is generally considered to be the best option for a replacement roof (if the individuals intend to use the conservatory on a daily basis regardless of the weather).

Solid Conservatory roof replacement is the option for people who wish to improve their conservatory to the fullest extent and eliminate the issues experienced with other roof types.

These roofs are heavier than roofing of other types but there can be structural alterations carried out to support this and make the new roof a safe installation.

Advantages Of A Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement:

You have no more issues with any weather conditions be it hot OR cold

No more noise in harsh weather such as heavy rainfall, quiet weather conditions regardless of the weather.

Better insulation as it would essentially be as though you have a new roof similar to the one you have built on your house already.

Disadvantages With A Solid Conservatory Roof:

Usually costs more than the other forms of replacement roof for conservatories.

Usually takes a bit longer to construct as it involves reconstructing the roof itself.

May require planning permission

Fibreglass Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Fibreglass roof replacement is a practice that involves the installation of extra insulation to an existing conservatory roof, it is seen as an alternative to the above options and in some cases can be a good option, read below for further information:

Advantages Of Fibreglass Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Adds additional insulation to an existing roof, this helps in dealing with both hot and cold climates.

A more simplistic alternative to a fully-fledged solid slate roof and less expensive

Disadvantages Of Fibreglass Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Can cause issues with a building up of condensation which may cause complications with the roof and can sometimes cause cracks and require redecoration after a period of time.

Summary of the above:

Overall the various types of conservatory roofing have their advantages and disadvantages be it cost, time to complete the installation and issues of planning permission and limitations of functionality.

If affordable it’s recommended to go with a solid tiled roof replacement because even though it requires the maximum amount of work and is the most expensive, you are effectively making your conservatory habitable irrespective of the weather outside.

Feel free to reach out to us for further advice or if you are ready to replace your conservatory roof to improve your home, we are willing and able to help you.

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