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Garage Conversions Builders, Free Quote, UK Company

With garage conversions being one of our firm’s specialties, with a specially designated team of professionals dedicated to servicing all of our customer’s needs, from integral garage conversions to detached garage conversions, our team of specialist garage conversion professionals will endeavor to cater to whatever type of garage extension or conversion you, our valued potential customer requires.

Firstly, what is a garage conversion?

It is converting a garage space into habitable space adding that much needed functional living space to your home without the stress and tension of a costly external extension. However, if your garage is not being used for its original purpose of giving shelter and protection to your motor vehicle, then it’s worth considering these measures to utilize that extra unused space and converting your garage into that much needed functional living space which couldn’t be easier.

The benefits of converting a garage to functional living space that can be used as a play room, home gym, home office, crafts room, workshop or even a utility room. The main benefit of converting a garage is that no planning permission needs to be applied for. This is exactly why garage conversions are the most popular types of home renovation people opt for to ty and maximize that much needed extra functional living space. The beauty of these conversions is that it can work on both integral garages and detached garages alike depending on the main end use of this potential new functional living space.

Integral garage conversions – with an integral garage, this is when the garage is actually part of the main house and will have a door leading from the main house directly into the garage. So when considering an integral garage conversion, the possibilities of the end use of this new functional living space are endless, all really depending on our customers’ requirements.

Integral garage conversions, where a garage can actually even be converted into another bedroom without the expense of a full blown extension, where planning permission must be applied for and more building expense would be needed. But luckily with an integral garage conversion the expense would only be more cosmetic with perhaps some electrical and plumbing work added into converting an integral garage.

Detached garage conversions – with a detached garage, this is when the garage is not part of the main house and is a separate entity with complete brickwork and structure already built up, most probably with electrics and plumbing works also included. When considering a detached garage conversion, again the possibilities are endless, where in this case converting a detached garage to some functional living space that requires a higher level of privacy, such as a cinema room or perhaps an artist studio where the room is isolated enough to allow the occupant the privacy to enjoy their activities in their new detached garage conversion in private with minimal noise disturbance.

Detached garage conversions, are fast becoming more and more sort after, simply due to the fact they offer a higher degree of privacy to the occupants of that newly acquired functional living space. Another option being perhaps joining the already built detached garage to the rest of the main part of the house, with minimal construction required in considering converting a detached garage.

When done correctly a conversion can increase the value of your home. Depending if a temporary garage conversion solution is required or a more permanent conversion solution is needed. With a temporary conversion, it is possible to put up false walls and then return the garage back to its original purpose of a garage. Leaving the garage door still in working order. With a more permanent conversion then the garage door can even be removed and replaced with brickwork to match the rest of the face of your current home.

Which Areas Do Your Building Team Specialize In?

We can project manage and build your garage from start to finish, you are in safe hands.
This is why our firm should be your primary choice when coming to decide on your conversion. Simply because we understand the importance of maximizing your living space needs and we will give as much constructive advice on this to ensure your conversion is exactly how you, our potential customer wants it.

Understanding completely the final end use of this new functional living space, advising you on the latest innovations to maximize the comfort in your home.
The reality is the possibilities are endless with the potential of converting a garage. Simply because we understand the concept of maximizing the functional living space in your much loved home, avoiding the stress of an expensive home move.

Why Do We Offer A Free Consultation?

This is part of our service to members of the British public who are interested in employing high quality builders to handle their projects from start to finish, we find that the best way to connect with people and add value to their situation is to offer them the benefit of our experience in the hopes that by being helpful to our prospective customers, they will see our value & come on board with us.

Getting in touch with us today, to book in time with our garage conversion specialist assessor, who will provide you, our potential customer, a detailed free consultation on the possibilities available on converting a garage, whether it is an integral garage conversion or a detached garage conversion. After your meeting with our garage conversion specialist assessor, all the possibilities along with the latest in modern innovation will be provided to you.

However, taking into account how you, our valued potential customer, wants their conversion to look like, and explaining in detail what the end use of this proposed garage adjustment would be.

Therefore, allowing our garage conversion assessor, to understand your complete detailed requirements, allowing our building conversions assessor to provide you with a rough estimate on the costs and the time taken to complete your proposed garage project.

Then after gathering more detailed costings on materials and labor, our garage conversion specialist will provide an accurate estimate on how much your project will cost and how long it will take to complete your project.

This is why our garage conversions service is unbeatable, in terms of the professionalism of our team of garage/loft & basement conversion specialists whose skills are highly sort after and offer decades’ worth of experience within this type of project. With their reliability, extensive experience and high levels of efficiency our garage conversions builders will astound you on their amazingly efficient work ethic and their attention to detail.

So contact us today to book in time for our assessor to meet with you, our potential customer, to assess your requirements and provide you with a free consultation and estimate to employ the best building specialists for your garage project.

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