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We understand it is difficult to in fact contemplate having a service such as a loft conversion carried out within your home, without having the following questions being answered by the professionals:

1. How much for a loft conversion?

2. What factors affects loft conversion prices?

3. Does the Loft conversion costs make the project viable?

4. Just simply Loft conversion how much will this cost me?

This is why we have put this section together to give you, our potential client, that vital understanding that will ensure you choose our professional service when it comes to getting your loft conversion project carried out by our professional organisation. We further understand, Loft conversion costs are the whole sticking point when considering this type of project. The whole viability of a loft conversion project is based on the fact is the loft conversion cost efficiency. This section has been carefully designed and put together to ensure our potential clients, know exactly what type of cost their potential loft space conversion would incur.

Price Structure For Loft Conversion

How much for a loft conversion?

Typical cost for loft conversions range from £800-£1200 per square metre. Usually the cost for loft conversions is dependent on the following factors:
What factors affect loft conversion prices?

This section will provide that vital information for the understanding on how the price for a loft conversion is worked out.

Loft conversion prices are dependent on the following factors:

The materials used – for finishing- whether the top of the range fixtures and fittings were to be installed, for the carpets, the decors, the lighting, the furniture

The end use for the loft space –1. Whether it requires more stability in the flooring to ensure that the flooring can hold additional weight for machinery or equipment for a home gym,

2. The room would require sky lights installed- providing that vital extra light for a home studio, or craft room,

3. The necessary plumbing- Would be need to ensure water supply to the loft space, for an ensuite or a bathroom or relaxation zone, or even a kitchen space.

4. If sound proofing is required- to allow for a home cinema area

The Loft conversion price offered by ourselves will be competitive depending on our client’s end use requirements. So this is why it’s vital our specialist assessor comes to assess your exact loft conversion requirements to provide that essential competitive loft conversion price depending on our potential clients specific end use.

Time scale for completion – if the project requires fast completion, then that would incur additional charges to cater for this for example, additional labour would have to be employed to ensure our clients deadlines are met

This section simply indicates how the price for a loft conversion is worked out by our specialist loft conversion assessor depending primarily on our client’s end use for their loft space.

How the size of a house impacts the cost of a loft conversion?

Loft conversion costs are proportionately linked to the square meterage of the loft. Therefore, the larger the loft space then the loft conversion cost will be higher. For example:
With a loft space that would be of the following sizes, giving an average price of £1000:

@ £1000 per sq. metre and the loft space was 30 sq metres the cost would be £1000 x 30 = £30,000


@ £1000 per sq. metre and the loft space was 45 sq. metres the cost would be £1000 x 45 = £45,000

(The figures provided are for information purposes only and could vary)

However, the cost per sq. metre would vary depending on the above factors as well as type of finish, any additional add on features required for the desired end use of the loft space.
This is why its essential to book in time for a free consultation with our specialist assessor to get a more accurate free quotation, where our assessor will give a much better breakdown on the costs involved in converting your loft space.

Loft conversion prices vary depending on all the above factors

How Bespoke Elements Can Raise The Price Of A Loft Conversion

The required end use for converting loft space is really the deciding factor when it comes to providing an accurate price to converting loft space. The bespoke element of the loft space conversion is usually the factor which adds value to a property. The types of bespoke additions to a loft space conversion which attributes to an increased price are things like:
Bespoke staircases- these range from spiral wrought iron to traditional stairwells to gain easier loft space access

Specialised pieces of furniture – add on furniture assembly service

Expensive décor finish – flooring – tiled, wooden or carpeting
Wall paper- different wall covering finishes
Paint – textures and colourways
Light fixtures and fittings
Special cornicing
Sky lights – for more natural light and ventilation

Relaxation zone – with specialist bathroom features such as walk in shower room, Jacuzzi

All of these bespoke features would be discussed in detail with your loft space assessor to ensure that an accurate price for the conversion would be provided
To determine loft conversion prices, the bespoke element of our client’s loft conversion must be taken into account

Why You Need An individual building company to cost out a loft conversion if you want a representative true pricing

This is exactly why its essential that a specialist loft conversion assessor, visits your home, to assess the exact cost taking into consideration the end use and the level of finish that would be required, our specialist loft conversion assessor is fully qualified to provide these details to you once having assessed and understood your exact requirements for your loft space conversion.

Plus it is essential that a loft space assessor would provide that vital breakdown of the costs involved in converting loft space into a fully functional living space.

Why we suggest you use us to cost out and complete your loft conversion

As a company having set up a specific department within our organisation that offers that necessary tailor made service to ensure we provide that essential customer orientated service we have made a policy to implement with our:

Specialist loft conversions assessor – providing free consultation once appointment booked. Who will give advice on the best way to maximize your loft space to accommodate all of your specific requirements.

Fully trained and qualified loft conversion project manager assigned to each loft conversion project. Each designated project manager, supervises, manages and oversees each member of our team of highly qualified professionals complete their allocated tasks whilst reporting updates regularly to our clients as often as they deem necessary. Being that essential one point of contact throughout the project, ensuring our clients have that vital peace of mind throughout.

Team of fully trained and qualified professionals – all of whom meet the necessary government required qualifications demanded by United Kingdom law.

Our team of professionals were all especially head hunted- in that they share our company ethos, of providing the best level of service to each of our loft conversion clients

We ensure all the necessary buildings regulations are adhered too, providing the relevant documentation on completion.

Our team will work tirelessly to complete our clients loft conversion projects to an exceptional high standard. Ensuring our reputation for quality is maintained and even exceeded in our client’s expectations.

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