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Loft Conversions Estimates – No Obligation

Looking for an estimate for your loft conversion project? {Free Loft Conversion Estimate – No Obligation}

We are a nationwide loft conversions company offering loft conversion estimates for projects on a no obligation basis.

Why You Should Get Us To Provide An Estimate & Work With You On Your Loft Conversion?

1/ We have years of experience in the industry, having handled loft conversion of all types (dormer, velux, hip to gable, mansard) and successfully completed a number of projects over a period of time.

2/ We are reasonably priced, realistic, and understanding.

3/ We are a warm and friendly organisation with a number of professionals who understand the needs of people wishing to convert their loft and expand their homes.

4/ We are efficient, delivering timely completion to projects whilst upholding the highest possible standards of construction.

5/ We can deliver loft conversions to your specification, carrying out high quality work that adheres to all building regulations and safety legislation.

Your full service loft conversions and home extensions company

Some Common Questions Brought Up From Curious Clients:

“What If I Need An Architect?” We can handle that for you, our staff have architects they can recommend for you, we can also help arrange all preparations prior to the build, either that or you can choose an architect yourself if you have one in mind.

“How Long Will The Loft Conversion Take?” This will depend on the requirements (something we will discuss with you at the time of meeting) however loft conversion in general can take anything between 4-12 weeks on average (depending on the size, scale, and complexity of the project at hand) this information can be provided in more detail during your quotation/estimation and initial consultation.

“Can I Just Get A Quick Ball-Park Estimation Of Cost?” This may be possible once one of our staff has looked into the project however we would initially need you to make contact to allow us to accurately assess what the project would cost, otherwise it would be inaccurate and un-representative.

Estimating Your Loft Conversion By Size (Not Recommended) (Price By Size)

In some instances (as a very rough guideline) some customers ask for a costs estimation by the size of the loft space a “Loft conversion estimate by size of loft”.

We don’t recommend this because it may not even loosely represent the work you would like to be carried out to your property, however for the sake of information here are some assumptions that may be provided (but these are not to be considered even a vague replacement for a formal quote).

A price range of between £800-£1250 per square metre would vaguely represent the costings of a loft conversion (this is by cubic square metre).

So in a loft that is 38 metres’ square it may be a fair (vague) estimation that the cost to convert this loft through to completion would be in the region of £38,000 completed.

The issue with this form of quotation model is the fact that:

a) It doesn’t take into account the area you live in and hence the price of the labour for each individual contributor (the architect, the engineer, plasterer, carpenter, painter etc).

b) The measurements of your loft space may have irregular dimensions making it more difficult to carry out and hence provide an accurate estimation for.

c) Your loft may require initial work (structural) before the actual conversion can begin, which is yet another reason why it’s a good idea to have a specialist take a look first and provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Most loft conversion companies provide you with a quote free of charge, so the risk of having a specialist come out and quote to you is low (just your time and attention required) and these quotations tend to be “no obligation” meaning there is no need to sign a contract or make any committment whatsoever. (unless of course you choose to take up the services of the company providing you with the estimate for the job.)

How Does The “Type” of Conversion Affect My Loft Conversion Estimation?

With the different primary types of attic conversion being “Hip To Gable” “Velux” “Dormer” “Mansard” there will be some variance in the price estimations.

Mansard Loft Conversion Estimates: Key differences in the estimate for a mansard conversion would be issues relating to the roofing, a mansard roof is of a different shape than other roofs and can act as a wall (mansard roofs are generally more expensive and take longer to build/install than other kinds of roof) we would not recommend allowing this to deter you from a mansard loft conversion however, the results can be asthetically pleasing and mansard roofs also (whilst more expensive) create more room on a property (which can often increase the properties’ value further).

Velux loft Conversion Estimates : Key differences in quotations for a velux conversion tend to be around the lack of structural adaptations to the external structure of the property (a velux conversion requires minimal intervention to the roof and thus these more simple types of loft conversion tend to be cheaper than the other types).

Dormer Loft Conversion Estimates : Key differences with a loft conversion with a dormer will be whether or not you choose to have one dormer or two, (some people also choose to have three dormers on rare occaisions) this can increase the cost significantly, however the results can not only add significant value to a home (which is usually recoverable when the time comes to sell the property), but the results can be asthetically pleasing.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversion Estimates : Key differences with a hip to gable conversion (again) tend to be the roofing, the idea with a hip to gable loft is to take the sloping part of the roof and install a corner shaped space to make the sloping wall structurally usable (this is known as the gable) due to this being an additional structural adaptation of a loft, this can also add to the cost, however, as with the above attic conversion types with costs affected by such an adaptation, the results can be well worth the additional modest expenditure.

Ultimately when it comes to choosing which kind of attic conversion is most appropriate for your property, this will be down to three things:

a) Budget
b) Your priorities and your “vision” for the property itself and what would would like to achieve
c) The existing structure of your property and how this can impact the potential for different types of conversion to be built into your property (which you should consult with a specialist about – also something we can help you with should you choose).

Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Your Loft Conversion Estimate

1/ Am I clear on my plans for my loft conversion? – This is important because if your plans change, so would your quotation, your quotation is the pricing for the total job as a whole, so if details change in the specification or project brief it would be necessary for this to be reflected in the estimate.

2/ How long will this project take to complete? – During your loft conversion estimate, it may be worth you asking the rough “timescales to completion” for the project, this is important as it will help to manage your own expectations as to how the conversion will play out.

3/ Am I choosing the right kind of loft conversion for my house? – Some homes’ are not suitable (for example) for a mansard loft conversion and would be better suited to a dormer loft conversion or a hip to gable conversion, it is important for you to have an expert opinion on this from an expert who knows’ which kind of attic extension would be best suited to your property.

Why Should You Get A Proper Estimation Instead Of Reading Average Figures From Sources At Random?

1/ The variance between your project and the project they are referring to in terms of “average figures” if you read average figures from a website, this may be referring to a “velux loft conversion” when the type of loft conversion you are looking for figures for is a “dormer loft conversion” which would mean the figures in reality would be completely different in practice than they would in theory.

2/ If you were to go off an average figure per square metre this would not take into account elements you may wish to have included in your particular loft conversion (or the fitting out of the loft), so it would make much more sense to have an accurate analysis and costing.

3/ During a quotation, you may receive suggestions from a specialist that would otherwise not be possible if you were simply checking average figures from other sources, (leaflets, websites etc).

In a nutshell, the only way you can be provided some form of accurate estimate is if the building specialist has sufficient information at the point of contact, so this is the smarter way to proceed if you wish to recieve representative estimations and time-scales to completion.

If you would like an estimate for your loft conversion, get in touch with us by requesting a quote (estimate) at the upper right hand side of the page.

We would be delighted to help you not only by providing you with a no obligation quote, but also the build of your attic conversion.

Feel free to get in touch with us using the form at the top of the page.

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