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Loft Conversions Specialists

Get Your Loft Conversion Built The Right Way – Use Experienced & Highly Skilled Engineers like us to transform and develop your home.

Major Reasons To Have Your Loft Converted

1/ Increase In Space To Your Home: Increases the usable space in your home, maximising the overall space without building externally.

2/ Versatility: A loft conversion can add on important additional rooms to a home. Virtually anything can be built into a loft space within reason, a bedroom with en suite is a popular choice, a study with an additional bathroom is another popular choice, some people choose to have games rooms added, the potential is endless & it’s our job to work with you closely to give you the loft of your dreams.

3/ Financial Increase In The Homes’ Value: Loft conversions can increase the value of a home in excess of 20% (one popular way to make this happen is to add an extra bedroom with en suite), this increases the value of the property significantly making loft conversion also a cost effective investment.

Reasons To Let Us Convert Your Loft For You:

Quality: Our work speaks for itself and we have proudly completed a number of loft conversions in different parts of the United Kingdom (in particular areas such as Hertfordshire, Middlesex, North London, Essex, Enfield & Barnet). We have completed loft conversions of all types and have extensive experience with them.

Pricing: Our pricing is competitive & we offer free quotations for anyone interested in having their loft converted by us, our quotes are no obligation.

Efficiency: Loft conversions generally take us around 4-6 weeks to complete, which tends to be favourable in comparison to other companies’ and we pride ourselves on efficiency without compromising attention to detail, our loft conversions specialists leave no stone unturned in delivering quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to find my own architect?
A: Not necessarily, we can provide you with architectural services, however if you already have an architect that is also fine, we are versatile and can accommodate either way.

Q: I Have A Terraced Home, Can I Still Have A Loft Conversion?
A: It is still possible to build a loft conversion onto a terraced home, this is usually done with a mansard loft conversion, which involves building the roof outward to expand the space, maximising the usable room in the loft.

Q: Are Loft Conversions Suitable For Semi-detached homes and Detached Homes?
A: Yes, Of Course, it is certainly possible to have a loft conversion built onto these types of house.

Q: Will I Need Planning Permission?
A: Typically Not, however in some cases planning permission would be required, in order to find out if your project requires planning permission we recommend you get in touch with our experts for a specialised quote and assessment (No obligation & Free).

Q: What If My Project Requires Planning Permission?
A: No problem, we can work with you to help you to attain planning permission for your project.

What Will My Loft Conversion Cost? What Is The Price?

Due to the fact that every loft conversion is different from one to the next we would not provide figures on this page, however because we offer free quotes with no obligation at all, we would recommend using our “Get A Free Quote” form at the top of the page to get in touch with us, once you have made contact with us using that form we will make arrangements to provide you with an estimate and answer any queries you may have about our services.

How Long Will It Take To Build?

Loft conversions usually take us around 4-6 weeks to complete. If you have bespoke requirements for your loft conversion, this is no problem however this may have a minor impact on time-scales, our specialists can provide you with a more accurate idea of this at the time of your free quotation.

How Do I Find Out More?

You can make contact with us using the form at the top of the page. This way we can answer any queries you may have & get started working with you on your project as soon as possible.

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