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Building a new home is more affordable than you might think, whether that involves demolishing your current home and building a new home on that plot of land you already own, or building on a fresh new plot of land you have acquired. It’s a much similar hassle free way of getting your dream home, by leaving it in the hands of the experts such as ourselves, who are a fully trained, qualified and accredited firm of new house builders London.

Our London house builders service, has been specially designed to ensure we offer that essential customer orientated service in building your new home. Our company recognised the demand for people wanting to build their own homes, as were in a position to build their dream home exactly how they wanted. Call our specialist new home builders London assessor, for your free consultation today.

Why not get your home tailor made to your exact specific requirements, just how you want it, each room designed with that extra personal touch that represents your own unique style and taste. Build your new home how you think it should be, with all those necessary changes that personalize your home just as you need it? Adding in that essential extra living space just where you need it.

Ensuring you create the exact living space you want and need to make your dream home perfect for you, with the latest in modern innovation to cater to all modern living needs. As the number one London home builders in the market place today, we are the best qualified to help your dreams become the reality you had always wanted. With our team of trusted expert professionals fully qualified to all governmental required standards and the many additional add on services we offer, our London house builders service is the only real option you have to ensure your dream home is recreated and your expectations exceeded.

As house builders London we are the best firm to build your new home in London having had combined decades’ worth of experience within this very specialized field, with our team of specialist professionals who are expertly trained to cater to all of your wants and needs to achieve that perfect home that will be just as you want it, designed by you.
Book in time today with our specialist home builders London assessor who will provide you our valued potential customer with a free consultation that would in fact surprise you with just how affordable it is to build your new home in London.

Our firm recognised we needed to endeavour to ensure we catered to the new house builders London market as the only London home builders who can make your dream home a reality with minimal hassle, fuss and tension, by ensuring all the planning permissions are applied for in the correct way as well as appointed a project manager to oversee, supervise, manage and liaise directly with our customers being that necessary one point of contact throughout your new home build project.

New house builders London is our unique specialisation as we understood as a firm it was essential to provide a unique designated new home builders London service to all of our London customers, catering to all areas in in the London area, from Harrow to Tooting and everything in between.

Benefits of building your own home

1. Made to measure bespoke new home – build your new home exactly how you want it, in terms of living space, in terms of aesthetic appeal, in terms of the luxuries you want included in your new home build from saunas to hot tubs to walk in closets and dressing areas

2. Less problematic with a new home – built to your specific specifications less things go wrong for example pipework, drainage, electrics all installed and connected using the latest in modern technology

3. Is more affordable than you might think

4. The convenience of staying in the area that you have now grown accustomed to.

5. Possible to build your new home on your current plot of land -just simply let us apply for the necessary planning permissions to allow you to build your new dream home

6. May not need to pay vat on labour or building materials and heres why:


it’s self-contained – there aren’t any internal doors or connections to other houses or flats

it can be used independently of any other property, including businesses

it can be sold on its own

it has proper planning permission

any existing buildings on the site have been demolished completely to ground level (unless you’re extending an existing building to create a new house or flat)

7. Add whatever mod cons, under floor heating, latest solar panelling for reduced costs in energy usage

Make you new home build your luxury haven for your relaxation and comfort, book in time today with the best new home builders London team of professional’s specialist assessor, who will provide you with that essential free consultation and advise you on the latest in modern innovation to ensure you achieve your dream home with the as little stress, tension or hassle from our tailor made to measure house builders London service.

Why use our unique firm as your London home builders?

1. Team of professionals – our team of expert professionals from our team of construction workers to our electricians are all fully trained and qualified to all the necessary governmental required standards according to United Kingdom legislation. Our team of home builders London have been specially selected because they all share our firms distinctive work ethic in providing a supremely efficient quality service to every one of our customers, no exception. Ensuring we offer that essential customer orientated service that our firm has taken years to cultivate and has endeavoured to ensure that we will always take on board all feedback from our customers, continually improving by making sure we offer the best service across the board in each area. As part of this customer orientated approach our firm has adopted for each project we are contracted to attended to we recognised the most important factor which is to provide each customer with a designated project manager, who would act as that essential one point of contact for each project and is fully trained and qualified in this area of home builders London, further ensuring that each member of our house builders London team of professionals reports back directly to this project manager, who’s job it is to manage the team of professionals as well as supervise the workforce they liaise with our clients, offering feedback and updates as often as our customer deems necessary for the duration of the project.

2. Understanding of the specialist market of new home building – with this area of new home building there are many government legislations that need to be adhered to, as the home builders London firm you have chosen, its our responsibility to ensure each part of this aspect of new home builds is taken care of, so that you our customer can have that essential peace of mind, when it comes to applying for the necessary planning permissions as well as the health and safety aspects of building a new home along with the necessary electric- power supply governmental legislations as well as the governmental standards in regards to water supply, central heating and all the other areas that are a consideration in building a new home.

3. We offer a distinctive additional add on service in regards to a whole host of specialist’s professionals employed in house from architects, to in house interior designers to furniture assembling and sourcing, swimming pool designers, av cinema room, conservatory specialists, pvc windows, driveways and even orangeries.

4. We take the stress, tension and hassle out of you realizing your dream home using the best firm of house builders in London. By ensuring you our valued customer, has that essential one point of contact throughout your new home build project, our specialist fully trained and qualified project manager who will report back with updates and feedbacks as often as you deem necessary and is available for you whenever you require.

5. Our firm is fully accredited and all of our employees are qualified to the necessary governmental standards dictated by United Kingdom Law.

6. Our unique designated service ensures we can provide that essential customer orientated service when building your new home, making our new home builders team of professionals all the more sought after, with their essential skills that craft the perfect home for all of our customers

Advantages of building a new home in London

1. Possible to build on both a plot of land that has been acquired as well as demolishing current home and building your dream home on that land you already own.

2. Make your home exactly how you want it. Designing a new home made to measure is a very exciting prospect to any home owner, for them to decide exactly how they want their living space to look, how to make it the most functional for their unique lifestyles on top of which all of your desires for your living space can be made at one time, so all the major inconvenience of renovation your home can be undertaken at one time.

3. Resale value potential higher will all the latest modern technologies used to build a new home, in terms of energy performance as well as latest insulations

4. More flexibility in the property, can be designed with special features in place such as solar panel power supplies, or even landscape gardens, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, gazebos, conservatories, orangeries and many more options

5. With your home being a new home build, its value may potentially be higher than the average home in your current area.
So why not book in time today with our specialist new house builders assessor, who will provide you with a free consultation, as well as informing you of all the additional add on services we offer ensuring your dream home exceeds all of your expectations

The processes involved in using the best new house builders in London firm in the market place today. The process is relatively simple and is as follows:

1. Book in time for your free consultation with our specialist new home builders in London assessor who will engage in a detailed discussion with you, our potential customer to understand your exact requirements and advise you on our additional add on services such as meeting with our in house architect and in house interior designer depending specific requirements outlined in the detailed descriptions of how you expect your new home build to look in terms of aesthetics and including all of the necessary modern innovations that you deem important for your living space. Our assessor will further advise you on the best ways to realize you dream home, after understand your exact needs first.

2. Our specialist assessor, would then come back to you with a quotation that would try to match your budgetary requirements and time scales you deem necessary. Having researched and analysed your specific requirements for your chosen add on services to ensure that each aspect of your new home build would be incorporated into your dream house. Applying those extras into the quotation. You, our potential customer, then contracting our new home builders in London service to carry out the construction of your new home.

3. Meeting with our in house architect where – you our client would describe in detail exactly how you expect your home to look, detailing further exactly the type of living space you require, from reception rooms to bedrooms and even bathrooms highlighting exactly the type of functional living space you consider essential to be part of your new home. The architect would further draw up blue prints and sketches based on your discussions and would identify the exact planning permissions are offices would need to apply for the building of your new home.

4. Optional meeting with our in house interior designer- to discuss your exact requirements in terms of internal themes and colourways for each room from the walls, furnishings, flooring to fabric

5. Team of professionals would then start work on building your new home:

Construction professionals – would start work on the foundations of your new home build. Levelling off the grounds if need be and carry out any earth works necessary to lay the foundations. Building up the foundations, connecting any pipework’s. Build level flooring. With concrete base, erecting the wood frame beams. Laying internal and external brickworks. Whilst simultaneously ensuring the roof is attached in the correct way. Further building the external shell of your home, building the internal divisions for each room.

Windows- all fitted as necessary by our Fensa accredited windows professional

Electrical contractors – would connect up all the necessary power supplies to each room fitting the light fittings as necessary

Plumbing technicians – all trained and qualified to all governmental required standards. They would ensure all water supplies and piping are connected fitting all sanitary units as necessary. Tiling where needed

Heating/ cooling engineers – all fully trained and qualified to all governmental required standards. They would ensure the relevant heating or cooling equipment is fitted and working correctly

Flooring contractors – would fit and install the correct flooring according to the instructions

Joiner- would make and fit all doors, door frames, woodwork and cornicing’s as necessary

Plasterers, Painters and decorators – as instructed would finish the project in terms of textures and colourways

Add on services/additional living space

– swimming pool – whether it is an indoor or outdoor pool our professionals would ensure they would build match all of your requirements in terms of aesthetics and functional use.

-conservatory- the latest in conservatories would be presented to you in terms of the latest in modern conservatories which do not heat up too much and maintain an even temperature throughout the seasons.

– orangery- the new alternative to conservatories where half the room is built with bricks and the rest with windows allowing for maximum natural light – usually used as an additional breakfast room

– hot tub/ saunas – very popular for that essential relaxation zone in your home

-Driveway services – whether its tarmacking, paving or slabs

– Landscaping –

-gym, study, studio, nursery, av/ cinema room – these living spaces would be specified beforehand allowing our electricians to ensure that the power supplied to this area is sufficient for its end use.

Optional – furniture assembly service

6. New home completed, ready to move into by the best new house builders in London service in the market place
Book in time with our specialist assessor today for your free consultation

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