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London Home Extensions

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This page is designed for people searching for home extensions contractors & are living in or close to london around London, if you’re thinking about receiving a quote use the online contact form on the top right-hand side, if you need more details, feel free to read further.

We offer a totally free appointment as part of our quoting procedure, this will be our opportunity to look at the job and provide a precise evaluation & is the best opportunity to get any information that you may need from our industry experts.

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1/ Professional & efficient construction professionals operating on projects familiar to them through extensive experience in the trade.

2/ Our company commissions the services of expert, highly trade builders who are conscientious & hard-working individuals committed to delivering high quality construction services.

3/ Reasonable pricing, competitive rates.

4/ Our timescales are as efficient as any other company, we take care in ensuring the job is done as it should be.

5/ Experienced company working with experienced professionals and industry experts.

Types Of Home/House Extensions:

Kitchen Extensions in London

What is a Kitchen extension?

A kitchen extension (in the area of London) is an extended (usually outward) build into the grounds of a property. There will usually be at least one wall being extended, & this wall is usually towards the back of a property. Kitchen extensions are a highly popular way to expand an existing kitchen in a house, this can be for multiple purposes, some people choose to expand a dining room or install a downstairs bathroom/washroom, some people just want a bigger kitchen. All of these are common uses for a kitchen extension in London.

Roughly How Long Do Kitchen Extensions Take To Construct in London?

Usually kitchen extensions around London take around 8-16 weeks to complete, this is dependant on the size and the scale of the build, as you can understand, larger builds will likely take longer than smaller scale extensions, the complexity of the project is also a factor, some people require extensions that are more complex than others, specific details around time-frames for your kitchen extension can be given once your free no obligation assessment & quote has taken place.

Characteristics of Kitchen Expansions

Often single storey extensions

Can be quicker than other extensions pending individual requirements of the customer.

Frontal Extensions in London

What Is A Frontal Extension?

A front extension (frontal) in London is an extension type that enables either for additional rooms or additional space in existing rooms to be added to the front of an existing property. These can generally be anything from an extended hallway, extended living room, porch space, an additional hallway space or frontal storage area.

How Long Do Front Extensions in London Take To Build?

Extensions to the front space of a property can take anything from 8 to 14 weeks typically. Factors dictating the time-frame to completion for a project of this nature are generally the terrain around the front of the property & do adaptations need to be made to it, also the general factors such as is the extension a large scale project & are there special requirements tailored towards this specific project. More in depth information can be provided during the free consultation & quote appointment.

Side Extensions in London

What Is A Side/Adjacent Extension?

Usually best regarded as an extension to the side of a property. These extensions can be virtually any kind of room typically added to a property in London including, home study, additional kitchen, extra bathroom, bathroom extension, home gym, bedrooms, en suite bathrooms/washrooms/toilets, and many others.

Side extensions to a home are very popular and can be regarded as one of the most common forms of this kind of construction project.

How Long Do Side/Adjacent Extensions in London Take To Build?

Standard time-frames for completion are usually 8-16 weeks, but as with all extensions they can be faster or slower than this, in the area of London standard timescales usually apply, more information on how long the build will take would be more readily available during the appointment with the extensions experts during the consultation.

Rear Extensions in London

What Is A Rear/Back Extension?

A rear extension is usually a build to the back/rear of a property, this can be the extension/expansion of existing rooms on a home or it can be additional rooms, common uses for rear extensions in the area of London are expansions on dining rooms, extended kitchen, en suite bathroom/washroom/toilet, home gym, home study room, additional bedroom(s), expansions of existing bedrooms, shower rooms & many more.

How Long Do Rear Extensions in London Take To Build?

Usually around 9-16 weeks to completion, however it can be a longer timescale or shorter, complexity and scale/size of the build is a major factor in how fast the build can take place. Asking this question to our appointed expert specialists that come to assess your project can be helpful in answering any queries you might have about rear expansions.

Single Storey Extensions in London

“Single-storey extension” is a simple term that refers to a project that only requires the construction of a single floor single storey expansion.

These can be any of the aforementioned types, rear, front, kitchen, side/adjacent & refers to any of the typcial rooms that people install in these kinds of building projects.

Examples include: (kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, study rooms, washrooms, games rooms, home gym rooms, downstairs bedroom, pantry, storage space, garage).

Two Storey Extensions in London

What Is A Two-Storey Extension?

The term “two-storey extension” refers to any build that has two floors (two-storey)

A two-storey extension can be any of the above types, be it kitchen, front, side, rear expansion, and can be any of the aforementioned rooms.

Common uses for two-storey builds are as follows: home gym & new bathroom, study room & bed room, new washroom & upstairs bedroom, & many others.

Timescales to completion for two-storey projects vary, as does the size and complexity, this is definitely a question for the specialists that visit the property at the time of the assessment.

Multi-Storey Extensions in London

What is A Multi-storey extension?

The term “multi-storey extension” refers to any extension type that has more than one storey, can be two-storey, three-storey or more storey’s.

They can incorporate to become multiple additional rooms & expansions of existing rooms, literally any rooms can be put in a multiple-storey extension (including ones in London)

Timescales to completion vary greatly depending on specific requirements and standard concerns including the complexity of a project and the size of the build, the size of the job is not a problem for our builders however, we can handle projects of any size and scale.

During your free assessment with our specialists you will get change to ask any questions you require answers to.

What Are The Stages Of A House Extension in London?

Here is some information about all different kinds of builds (kitchen, front, rear, side, two-storey, multi-storey) and the stages involved in the build process:

1/Initially, with the project agreed there are plans made in terms of how best to execute the build this is where the requirements of the build meets resource allocation and project planning.

2/Groundworks, this is when any excavating of existing foundations would take place (as needed) & additional foundations built into the ground, at this point any pipework is assessed for suitability & potentially adjusted if necessary.

3/Brickworks, this includes the laying of the bricks in accordance with the agreed plans & layout, the building of external & possibly internal walls reader for the more delicate aesthetic aspects of the build.

4/ Roofing, Includes construction of the roof, putting in any skylights and any insulation as necessary.

5/ Finishing touches, the internal aesthetics such as the painting, carpet laying, installation of aesthetics, skirting boards, wall paper etc.

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