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Orangeries Cheshire – Orangery Builders Cheshire – Cheshire Orangery Building Company

Are you in search of a building company to handle the build of your orangery?

Looking for reliable, experienced, and qualified builders to handle the project with care?

Want peace of mind and a one-stop-shop to take care of the build from start to finish?

We have an excellent option for you.

Our Cheshire Orangery Builders

We have building professionals whom are experts in building Orangeries that operate in and around the area of Cheshire, UK.

Our experts (Cheshire Orangery Builders) have experience in dealing with all aspects of building a Cheshire orangery including but not limited to:

1/ Design of the orangery – We can handle the not only the build of the orangery but also the initial design and any potential issues surrounding planning permission.

2/ The building of the foundations – You want to be sure that your orangery has a suitably strong and stable foundation to ensure the building is safe, we will take care of this along with everything else for you.

3/ All the building elements – Bricklaying, the setting of the base & flooring, plastering, window fitting, pointing window fitting, plumbing (if required), heating engineering and all other aspects as required.

4/ The internal decorations – The fit-out of the orangery, along with any paintwork, wallpapering, floor-laying and assembly of furniture.

5/ The finish – As a responsible Orangery building company, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure there is a good finish to the project and that the client is as happy as possible with the end result, we will take good care in all of the finishing touches that can be essential to the conclusion of a successful project.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Get A Cheshire Orangery?

1/ Orangeries increase the space in your home, adding an extra room onto your house creating additional space

2/ Orangeries also increase the value of your Cheshire home, extra rooms added onto a property are known to increase the value, orangeries are no different.

3/ Orangeries are generally easier to build than more traditional extensions, however once completed are just as spectacular (if not more).

4/ Cheshire Orangeries allow a lot of natural light into a property

5/ Orangeries are very well insulated, protecting from bad weather and harsh climates.

What Can Orangeries Be Used For?

Generally, an orangery can be used for any purpose, some people use them as a second kitchen while others use them as a space to entertain guests or an extra dining space, whilst some people use them as a study or home office and certain clients have even had a home gym installed.

There really is no limit to the versatility and the uses of this particular type of home improvement and it’s no surprise that they continue to increase in popularity.

Roofing For The Orangery

We offer different types of roofing for your orangery which we can and will discuss with you should you decide to set up an appointment with us for a quotation.

Will I need planning permission for my Orangery?

Orangeries usually do not require planning permission but this is subject to individual legislation locally, (In this case, Cheshire local authority), we can help you if you run into problems with local authorities in relation to planning permission, however most orangeries are within what is known as “permitted development”.

What Is Permitted Development?

Permitted development is when a specific home improvement doesn’t require planning permission, there are many forms of home improvement that do not require planning permission and generally orangeries also don’t require permission.

How Long Do Cheshire Orangeries Take To Build?

Orangeries in the Cheshire area (like any other area) usually take anywhere from 2-5 weeks (usually) to complete, with the bulk of the time taken up on the building works (foundation and any brickwork as necessary).

How Do I Get Started?

We offer a free quote and assessment for people in Cheshire & surrounding areas interested in having an orangery built, we are happy to visit your property to discuss your plans for the project.

We are also on hand to advise you as to what would look good on the property (if you wish) and what would be structurally appropriate, we are more than happy to provide the benefit of our experience.

Once we have provided you with a quotation for your Cheshire Orangery you will then be offered the opportunity to proceed with the project, and from there we will work with you to deliver the finished product to the highest standards of professionalism, care, and style.

On request we are happy to show you our portfolio of previous works and inform you of previous experiences with similar home improvement projects.

If you would like a quote from a reputable Cheshire orangery building company feel free to get in touch with us at the top of the page, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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