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Orangeries Ealing – Orangery Building Company In Ealing

Are you looking to have an orangery built onto your ealing home?

Looking for reputable orangeries’ builders in the Ealing area of London?

We have you covered, with professionals and experts with years and experience in building orangeries in Ealing, we are your one stop shop for the construction of Ealing Orangeries.

All orangeries and other home improvements begin with an idea, if you have an idea, or plans for an orangery in the area of Ealing we are ready and able to help you, at any stage of proceedings.

Our Ealing Orangery Builders

Our builders have all the required skills you need to construct the orangery of your dreams.

These skills include the following but not limited to:

Qualified bricklaying: We have bricklayers whom have been constructing walls for years in adherance to all building and safety regulations and quality standards.

Plumbing Specialists : We have qualified plumbers whom have skills required to install plumbing and water systems befitting an orangery of any size or scale.

Plastering Specialists: We can handle all internal wall preparations and sealing to ensure that your Ealing orangery is waterproof and structurally sound.

Painting & Decoration Specialists: We have both painters and decorators to handle the internal decor of Ealing orangeries of any type and size.

Heating Engineers: Our Ealing orangeries builders skillset extends to a lot more than general building, we have experienced and qualified heating engineers who can ensure your Ealing orangery will be well heated.

Window Fitting: we have specialists in the field of window fitting, this is another one of the skills we have to deliver the orangery of your dreams.

Roofing: We also have roofing specialists that can fit the roof to your orangery as per the specific plans signed off prior to the build of your orangery.

Flooring Installation: We have all the required expertise to fit and lay the flooring or the carpet(s) of your choosing for your orangery.

We are your one stop shop for the construction of orangeries in Ealing, London.

Why I Should Consider Having An Orangery Built?

Orangeries in Ealing in particular are growing in popularity. This is due to several factors including but not limited to the following:

a) Orangeries increase the value of your home – even a conservatory which is much more scaled down in general than an orangery can increase the value of your home by around 7%, so as you can imagine an orangery can increase the value of your home by considerably more.

b) Versatility – Ealing orangeries can be used for a number of different purposes, this can include internal greenhouses, additional rooms, rooms for entertaining, additional dining space, extra kitchen and in some cases, even a swimming pool with a skylight.

c) Efficiency Of Build Time – The amount of time it takes to build an orangery is generally much faster than a more traditional single storey extension, and whilst adding value to a home, it can be considered an efficient way to add significant value to a property.

d) Asthetic appeal – The finished product of Ealing orangery construction can be spectacular, orangeries (once completed) can be an excellent way of not only adding additional space onto a property, but also increasing the beauty and asthetic appeal of the property.

e) Increase in natural light – orangeries can increase natural light into a property.

Possible Disadvantages Of Orangeries

The elements can be a factor of temperature change if provisions are not made to protect against such – when it comes to orangeries it is important to consider carefully the type of roof you have fitted and whether or not you have blinds installed to protect against potentially harsh weather conditions. This issue need not be a problem so long as the right choices are made prior to the commencement of the build.

Will I Need The Services Of An Architect For My Ealing Orangery?

Yes. You will at some stage in proceedings need the services of an architect, however, we can provide you with this or you can find your own architect if you prefer, we can work with either scenario.

We recommend you come to us with your project as early as possible in proceedings so we can assist you with your project as quickly as possible.

Planning Permission? Ealing Orangeries

Will my orangery need planning permission?

This will be dependant on the size and scale of the orangery, some Ealing orangeries are within the remit of “permitted development” this means that you don’t require planning permission, however this is something that will need to be discussed during the initial free quote and consultation we offer all potential clients.

There may also be the issue of “conservation areas” (this usually does not apply) however even if your home is in a conservation area there is nothing to say that this will hinder or even slow down the construction of your dream orangery.

How Long Do Ealing Orangeries Usually Take To Build?

Usually orangeries in Ealing take something in the range of 3-5 weeks to complete, this will depend on the size and complexity of the build as you can imagine, however we will endeavour to have the orangery completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, in line with the highest standards of quality and safety regulation.

How Do I Get Started With My Orangery Build?

The fastest way to proceed is to get in touch with us ASAP for a free consultation and quote for the project, once we have a clear idea of how you would like your orangery to be built and the specifications for the build itself, we can then provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

The sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can be off assistance.

To get in touch with us you can reach us using the form at the upper right hand side of the page OR you can call us on the number provided at the top of the page. We would be delighted to hear from you about your Ealing orangery ideas.

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