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Orangeries Islington – Orangeries Builders In Islington

Looking for builders of Islington Orangeries? In need of a quality, experienced and highly trained building company to build the orangery of your dreams for your Islington home?

We are your one stop solution for the construction of Orangeries In Islington.

Our Islington Orangery Builders

We have builders that are skilled in all aspects of building orangeries, from start to finish, here are the general steps of the construction of an orangery for use as a vague reference:

1) Design – As with any building project, the design is a fundamental and necessary stage in the process of any kind of home improvement, especially external constructions (extensions). This involves communication with an architect and a building engineer (we can provide architects and building engineers) in order to make an actionable plan to bring you the Islington Orangery of your dreams.
2) Planning Application – Some home improvements of certain sizes may require planning permission, orangeries can on occasion fall under what is known as “permitted development” however it can also require planning permission, your appointed architect (whether you decide to use our architects or source your own) will be able to advise you on matters of planning permission.
3) The build – Once the plan is signed off and the planning permission is approved the build can commence, it is important to work with experienced and highly trained orangeries builders due to the fact that orangeries are not everyday building projects, they need to be handled with high standards of care and professionalism, we can bring you such professionalism and expertise.
4) Plumbing & Electrics – We can handle any plumbing and electrical tasks as needed, including the installation of access to power sockets and light fitting.
5) Heating Engineering – We can install and fit all radiators and heating systems for your Islington orangery.
6) Plastering – We can handle all internal plastering works.
7) Insulation – we will make sure all Islington orangeries are given the proper insulation as required, helping you, the client to save money on heating and energy bills where possible.
8) The internal decoration – We can also handle the interior fit out in addition to the external build (with all foundational works & bricklaying, window and roof fitting also), plastering, painting & furniture or unit assembly is something we can also help you with, whatever your requirements, we have you covered.

Advantages Of Islington Orangeries

As Islington Orangeries Builders we feel it would be appropriate for us to advise you of any advantages of having an orangery built onto your home.

1) Increase in natural light – orangeries are known to increase the amount of natural light into a property (usually due to the fact that the roof is generally translucent) which enables natural light to pass through, also the large window surface area enables plenty of natural light to pass through into the home.
2) Efficient in terms of build time (time to completion) – 3 to 5 weeks is generally enough time to construct an orangery, these time-scales are usually down to the size, scale and complexity of the project, it is important to take all three of these factors into account when judging an appropriate time-scale to completion.
3) Aesthetics – Orangeries can be a beautiful addition to a home, in the area of Islington, orangeries are increasing in popularity with more and more people choosing to extend their home in this way, the results of such an undertaking can often be spectacular.
4) Versatility – Orangeries can either be used as general rooms or they can also be used as an area to grow plants (due to the natural light) they can be used for a multitude of purposes, some social, others more specific.

Disadvantages Of Having An Islington Orangery

As orangery builders in Islington, we feel on the balance it is fair to discuss potential disadvantages of having an orangery built.

1) The cost can be more than you may expect – when it comes to orangeries it is important to remember they are more like general extensions to a home than a conservatory, some people assume that the price of an orangery will be the same as the price of a conservatory, this is not the case, however it is worth remembering that an orangery will add more value onto an Islington home as it is considered an actual extension as opposed to a conservatory.
2) Depending on the kind of roof you choose, you may experience the warm climate. It is important to stress that this will be dependent on the type of roof you choose to have installed on the orangery, it is possible to have roofs installed that limit the UV rays coming through the window (we can arrange this for you) also another possibility is to have roof blinds installed on the ceiling to protect from light.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Orangery Building Company

Make sure the company you request your quote from has the necessary experience to handle the required build project.

Check to see if there is a portfolio of previous works on display by the company, they should be able to demonstrate previous successes to you.

Ensure that the builders they employ are fully licensed, trained, and adhere to all safety and building regulations, you may also wish to check if they are insured.


Provided you are clear on your aims and objectives for your Islington orangery you will maximise the chances of a satisfactory experience, it is important to have a clear idea in your mind of exactly how you would like your orangery to be built.

Should you wish to have an orangery built onto your property in Islington, we would be delighted to hear from you, we provide a free quote and assessment to all people who are genuinely interested in this type of project.

To get in touch with our experts, contact us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page or by calling the number at the top of the page.

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