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Orangeries Barnet – Barnet Orangery Building Company

Are you searching for experienced orangeries builders in Barnet, London whom are able to deliver the highest quality orangeries & garden outhouses for your home?

We have highly trained and reputable orangery builders that are willing and able to help with the construction of your Barnet orangery.

Our Barnet Orangery Builders

We have builders that are experienced in handling all the different processes and elements that go into building an orangery in Barnet, London.

All aspects of building an orangery in Barnet are covered by us, this is included but not limited to:

Bricklaying – All external wall construction.
Plumbing – Any piping and toilet or sink placement and installation as required
Plastering – All internal wall structural and material preparation.
Painting & Decoration – We can handle internal décor and paintwork along with floor fitting and carpeting.
Glazing – We can handle the fitting of windows and the roof.
Lighting – We can handle the internal and external (if required) lighting for you.
Heating Engineering – Radiator fitting and other heating piping and plumbing, we can handle this for you.

In a word, as Barnet orangeries builders we can handle all aspects of building the orangery.

The processes involved in building Barnet Orangeries

(This section is designed to be an outline of the process rather than an exhaustive account)

1) Design and concept – All home improvements begin with an idea. The design is where all those ideas for the ideal orangery are put to paper and plans are drawn with the architect.
2) Planning Application (if applicable) – Many Barnet orangeries don’t require planning applications or permission, however depending on the size and scale of the orangery it may require planning permission (this, as well as the architect drawing(s)) is something we can help you with as orangeries builders.
3) Once the design is signed off and the planning permission is granted (if required) our expert Barnet orangery builders can begin with the construction of the orangery itself, this involves the following stages in general terms:

a) The building of the foundations – This is where the orangery builders will prepare the foundations and the base for the Barnet orangery, this will enable the construction of all the other elements, the external walls, the frame and the base.
b) The construction of the external walls and frame – This involves the external brickwork, the construction of the frame made ready for the windows to be fitted to the orangery along with the roof.
c) The addition of the windows, the roofing and the flooring, installation of electrical plug sockets, heating and plumbing, plastering on the internal walls.
d) Painting & decorations with assembly of furniture and the fitting out of the units.

The construction of orangeries in Barnet requires a considerable level of care and attention from trained professionals, we are experts in delivering quality orangeries.

Reasons To Get An Orangery

Orangeries can be spectacular additions to a property and the finished result not only adds value to a home but also helps to sell a property should the intention be to sell the property after a period of time.

Another advantage to having an orangery built is not only will it increase the value of the property but it increases the natural light which can save on bills, and with the right insulation (which we can provide) there should be no issues with negative impacts on temperature.

How Long Do Orangeries In Barnet Take To Complete?

As with most orangeries, ones built in the area of Barnet take around 3-5 weeks to complete fully, this time-scale can be affected by the size and scale of the project and also whether or not there are any bespoke or customized elements that you would like to be included.

Will I need an architect for my Orangery?

Orangeries in Barnet (like other areas) will generally need the services of an architect, this is because the design of such an extension requires a specific plan and clarity on many different factors such as measurements and materials used, there are a range of reasons why an architect would need to be used on a project of this nature.

We can supply you with an architect or you can supply an architect of your choice, we can work with either scenario however our recommendation is that you make contact with us ASAP and we can make arrangements for the architectural services you may need.

Will my orangery require planning permission?

Some orangeries will require planning permission, however many do not, this will be dependent on the scale and size of the project, also the complexity of the build, we can help advise you on this along with any other matters of planning permission, we have experience in dealing with this in Barnet & other areas.

Is It Difficult To Get Planning Permission For Orangeries In Barnet?

Generally orangeries are becoming more popular both in areas’ like Barnet and other areas up and down the United Kingdom, there is no reason why planning permission in Barnet should be any more complicated to attain than in any other area of Britain.

Sometimes an area can be classed as a “conservation area” this means the area is of historical and architectural interest, if this is the case in your area there is still no particular reason why it would not be possible to gain planning permission for an orangery, so don’t let the prospect of this deter you & we can work with a range of situations: generally the worst case scenario is that there may need to be slight adjustments to the design, however this may not apply nor be necessary.

How Do I Begin?

The fastest way to get started on having the orangery of your dreams built is to get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote and assessment of your project.

We offer free quotes for all potential clients in the Barnet area and are happy to provide guidance at any stage of proceedings, we would be delighted to deal with any queries you may have.

As your “one stop” Barnet orangeries builders – we don’t mind if you already have had discussions with architects or if you are in need of such a service, we can help you at any stage of proceedings.

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