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Porch Builders – Porch Building Company

Looking for quality porch building services?

We have building professionals to build quality porches of all types for all types of homes in the United Kingdom.

What Are Porches?

Porches are external extensions (commonly built onto the front door of a property) that encases the front door into a built out area that provides an additional door to the exterior of the structure.
They are a common home improvement that is highly popular throughout Britain.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Porch Built?

Porches (both UPVC porches and other types of porch) bring a range of benefits.

1) Better insulation – Porches increase the insulation of a property by providing an extra layer outside the external front door of the home, this helps to keep a stable, comfortable temperature in the property.
2) Savings On Heating Bills – Due to the benefits in terms of insulation this generally has the effect of lowering heating bills in the home.
3) Extra Security – Porches increase the security of the home by making it more difficult for any potential break ins to occur due to added protection of the front door.
4) Savings On Insurance Premiums – Extra security on your home (including things like special locks) and porches can save money on certain home insurance types, best to enquire with your insurance provider for exact details on this however.
5) Asthetic Appeal – Porches often give a “completed” look to a property and there are a range of beautiful designs people can choose from, porches are versatile and can be made in a range of different designs and structures.

Different Structures Of Porches

There are four primary types of Porches in terms of structure

1) Front Porch – That is, a porch built onto the space that is designed to enclose the front door of a home (this is the most common form of porch).
2) Rear Porch – Some people choose to have an external enclosure to the rear of a property.
3) Side Porch – Also possible is a porch on the side of a home (some peoples’ primary home entrance is to the side of the property instead of the front).
4) Wraparound porch – These are less common but some people choose to have a porch as an extension to the home that provides added space onto the property, this can be for any purpose, a sitting room, dining space, a home office, childs’ play area, games room, there are a number of possibilities for this type of porch dependent on the size of the extension.

Will I Need Planning Permission For My Porch?

Generally as long as a porch does not cover more than three square meters and is not closer than 2 metres from any boundary with a highway then the porch should not require planning permission.
Instances where a porch will require planning permission is if it is to be used as a “fuel store” or if you plan to have a toilet installed in the porch.
There may be instances where planning permission is required due to a blanket restriction in the local area, however this is easily identified by telephoning your local planning office (alternatively we can help with this if you choose to work with us on your porch installation).

Do We Also Build UPVC Porches?

Yes we build all kinds of porches including UPVC (also aluminium porches, wooden porches, and brick and stone porches).

How Much Will My Porch Cost?

Because of the variance in materials, design, and size of porches, we offer bespoke quotations for them free of charge, in order to provide an accurate quote we would need some basic information about the project, for a free, no obligation quote get in touch with us using the form at the top of the page.

How Quickly Can My Porch Be Completed?

Many porches can be completed in a matter of days, but this will also be dependent on the design, materials, and size of the porch along with the internal decoration types, this is another point for discussion during the free quotation (you can arrange this by using the form at the top of the page).

Why Choose Our Porch Builders?

We have years of experience in building porches of all kinds all over the United Kingdom, due to our experience we have been able to build up not only considerable experience but also a portfolio of previous projects we are proud of.
We offer a free, no obligation quote for any clients looking for a quality porch building firm to deliver high quality work at competitive prices.

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