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Birmingham Porches, Porch Builders In Birmingham

If you’re looking for porch builders in Birmingham we are a porch building company that offers building services for customers looking for building services for quality porches.

Kinds Of Porches We Build

We build ALL kinds of porches, including brick porches, UPVC porches, Glass porches, Front porch, side porch, rear porches etc.

Why Choose Us To Build Your Birmingham Porch?

Our Builders have years of experience building porches and we are capable of building any type of porch you may wish to be added to your home.

We have building professionals trained in all aspects of porch construction from start to finish.

Our specialists are warm, friendly, and have a high level of expertise in all areas of porch building, so you can relax in the knowledge you’re in safe hands.

How Much Will My Birmingham Porch Cost Me?

This depends on the size and scale of the project, also whether or not you wish to have any bespoke or luxury features added to your porch, the best way to find out is to request a free quote from one of our experts using the form to the top of the page, we provide a no obligation quote to all potential clients.

Our Free No Obligation Quote

We provide a free quote to all potential customers, this may involve a home visit where we speak with you in relation to your porch project, this is to ascertain your requirements for your Birmingham porch, once we have the appropriate information we will be able to provide you with a quote for the cost of the work, along with the projected time-scales to completion.

How Long Will My Birmingham Porch Take To Build?

To complete a porch it usually takes less than 1 week from start to finish, different types of porches take different amounts of time to complete (the adviser will speak with you about this during the free quote).

Other factors affecting the amount of time it takes to completion are:

a) Size of the porch, this will have an impact in the sense that larger porches generally take longer to build.
b) Materials being used on the porch and the porch type (I.e UPVC porch, Brick Porch, Stone Porch etc).
c) Additional features/Specifications of the porch, for example if you have specific needs for your design.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Porch Built In Birmingham?

Some key benefits of having a porch built are as follows:

1/ Aesthetic reasons – Porches can be visually pleasing and look spectacular once they are completed. They can be a great looking addition to any home.

2/ Added security – They add an extra layer of protection to any property, by enclosing the front door to the home in an extra area with another door. This can positively impact peoples’ home insurance policies due to the fact there is an extra layer of security added to the home.

3/ Extra insulation – Because the front door of a property can be a particular area which allows a lot of heat to escape through the home, it can be to the advantage of the property owner in terms of keeping the home warm and saving on energy bills.

Will I Need Planning Permission For My Porch In Birmingham?

Our porch builders can help advise you on matters of planning permission, but here are some general tips:

a) You generally don’t need planning permission unless your porch is above a certain size, so generally for most porches it is not a concern.

b) It is only if your porch is above a certain size, (usually if it is larger than 3 sq metres) or closer than 2m to a highway or if it is being used as a fuel store or having a toilet fitted that it would be subject to requiring planning permission.

c) As a Birmingham Porch Building Company, we can work with you to tackle any issues you may need help with in order to obtain permission for your project.

To proceed with a free, no obligation quote from one of our experts, feel free to use the quote form at the top of this page.

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