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Side Return Kitchen Extensions – Your Quick Guide

Thinking Of Having A Side Return Kitchen Extension?

This page has everything you will need to know to introduce you to kitchen extensions of this type so you can assess whether or not it is right for your property.

What Is A Side Return Kitchen Extension?

These are basically kitchen extensions that involve the demolition of the side wall of a kitchen enabling the inhabitants of a home to extend their kitchen outward. It is an increasingly popular type of home extension and more and more individuals are choosing to expand their kitchen in this way.

How Long Will It Take To Complete?

Jobs of this nature can typically be completed in a matter of weeks, but this will depend on the size and scale of the kitchen and and luxury or bespoke features you may wish to have added, should you decide to proceed and request a free, no obligation quote from us, our engineers will educate you on the timescales to completion.

How Much Will A Side Return Extension To My Kitchen Cost?

Cost is dependent on the size and scale of the kitchen, this is a question best answered by requesting a quotation from us using the form at the upper right hand side of the page – with kitchen extensions each job is different – it’s important to keep this in mind when considering costs & budgets.

Examples Of Extensions Of This Type

Example Of A Side Return Kitchen Extension

Example Kitchen Extension Side Return

Different Types Of Kitchen Extensions – Side Return

You can go for a kitchen extension with an edwardian or a victorian feel, or a more modern or minimalist design, one popular design element people decide to choose is to have a glass roof spanning the extended space to add a more “light and airy” feel to the kitchen (as shown in the image above). The possibilities are practically endless and home extensions of this type are both versatile and an efficient way to maximise the amount of space in your home kitchen.

More About These Extensions

Here the telegraph have posted an interesting video (just hit the play button to view) about side return kitchen expansion, it is worth a watch if you are considering a home improvement of this type, it’s amazing how these extensions can enhance the kitchen on a property.

Will I Need An Architect For This Type Of Kitchen Extension?

It is unlikely you will need architectural services for this, but in the event these services are required for a project we would be more than happy to provide you with our in house expertise and advice.

I Would Like A Free No Obligation Quote – Where Do I Begin?

Simply fill out the brief online form to the upper right hand side of the page and we will come back to you to arrange a quotation and survey of your project, all free of charge and no obligation, we have warm and friendly engineers on hand and ready to help you at any stage of proceedings, with any queries you may have whatsoever.

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