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Only Pro’s Have The Answer: Why You Need A Real Loft Conversion Estimate

Many people are searching online at the moment for questions such as:

“How Much Will My Loft Conversion Cost Me?”
“What Kind Of Budget Do I Need For My Loft Conversion?”
“What Is The Cost Of A Loft Conversion?”
“Loft Conversion Estimates”

etc etc…

However the issues with searching online for questions like these comes down to some very simple factors.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Realistic Estimate From A Loft Conversion Specialist:

(1) Getting rough figures from articles online in no way represent the project you are undertaking: basically if you look at figures such as “it will cost you £1,000 per square metre for your loft conversion” this in no way has any bearing on the actual costs, for three reasons (variance in the specifics of your conversion, any bespoke elements you wish to have included in your conversion, the locality of the individuals carrying out your conversion (some areas’ labour costs are higher than other areas).
(2) Rough figures on a website could be out of date: costings of materials and labour must rise with the rate of inflation, therefore, if you are reading an article that was published in the year of 2012 that aims’ to give you a representation of costings for your loft conversion, this could be completely inaccurate and out of date by the time you undertake your project.
(3) Many of these so called “Cost Guides” will be designed to “low ball” in order to attract more interest rather than set your expectations: for example you may think that your loft conversion is “basic” however there may be elements of that conversion that put it more in the “intermediate” or “advanced” category, (this is a matter for the builder to assess when your project is costed out for the first time) therefore, this “cost of £1,000 per square metre” may change completely and this can be down to a plethora of reasons. (home structure, fit out specifications, etc)
(4) Loft conversions come in different forms, there are simple velux conversions, mansard loft conversions, hip to gable loft conversions, and dormer loft conversions, a simple “cost guide” will not give you sufficient information to cover actual “true to life” costings for the variance in these types of conversions.
(5) Your loft conversion may require planning permission or your home may be in a conservation area, meaning that you would benefit from the advice of an expert professional as opposed to attempting to work out a budget and time-scale for yourself, structural enhancements to a home of this magnitude need to be taken seriously, however the rewards are self-evident once completed.

In addition to the above 5 points, there is also the added fact that many loft conversion and home extensions’ companies’ will offer a “no obligation quotation” which means you will be under no pressure or obligation to undertake our services once we have quoted you for the work and provided our expert opinion.

So when asking yourself questions such as:

“How Much Will My Loft Conversion Cost Me?”
“What Kind Of Budget Do I Need For My Loft Conversion?”
“What Is The Cost Of A Loft Conversion?”

You need to think about seeking out the advice of expert professionals.

What Will Happen Once I Get My Loft Conversion Estimate?

Once you provide your information to us in order for us to arrange an estimate, we will book in an appointment with you for you to meet with one of our engineers’ at the property, during this appointment an assessment will be made of the property, and you will be advised of whether or not your aspirations for your dream loft conversion are realistic or whether or not adaptations will need to be made to the plans.

On occasion our specialist will need to go away and look at the project once conferring on the details and come back to you with a realistic plan and quotation.

Once the quotation has been provided along with time-scales and other information, you will then be asked if you would like to proceed with the loft conversion (if you need time to consider whether or not you would like to proceed this is fine, our quotes and estimates are no obligation).

How Quickly Can I Arrange My Loft Conversion Estimate?

Once you have input your details into our online form at the top of the page, we will then contact you to arrange a quotation.

We may have some questions to ask initially and then we will make an appointment between you, the client, and one of our specialist builders to assess your project and provide an accurate estimate.

Why You Should Get A Loft Conversion Estimate From Us Instead Of Other Companies’?

Quick Response – We will arrange to provide you with a quote as soon as possible

Reasonable Pricing – We will never seek to overcharge you as we recognize in doing so we price ourselves out of consideration and this makes no sense to us.

Experienced Builders Who Know What We’re Talking About – Our staff have handled many loft conversions over the years and we know what you need and what you expect as the customer.

Fast & Efficient Builds – We will endeavour to complete your project in as quick a time-frame as possible with the minimal level of disruption to your normal day to day home life.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Loft Conversion?

1/ The size of your loft space – Larger lofts will cost more to convert than others.
2/ The complexity of your loft conversion project, some lofts require additional structural work to complete, particularly to the roof area with a dormer conversion or a hip to gable conversion.
3/ The type of loft conversion, usually a velux loft conversion will be less expensive than for example a dormer or a mansard conversion, but these loft conversions are generally more basic, and if you wish to maximise your loft to its full potential size you may need to structurally enhance the roof area (via a dormer or other structural adaptation).

If you would like to receive a loft conversion estimate, feel free to get in touch with us and we will arrange a quote and estimate with you as soon as possible.

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